Are there any improvements in handling the S2 encryption in SDK 7.17.1 or 7.17.2?

@bobbyD - Not to derail this too much, but as our resident z-wave guru, do you see any general improvements to S2 "cohesion" (for lack of a better term) in SDK 7.17.1 or 7.17.2?

I realize much of the heavy lifting with S2 lays with vendors/devices and those corresponding firmwares, but I was curious if SiLabs had anything coming in the SDKs to help better shore up S2. Thanks!

Given the nature of S2 and the missing acks problem fixed in 7.17.1.. I would imagine a pretty big improvement in S2 reliability as this could have caused a S2 nonce resync and possibly a lost packet:.


I wouldn't hurt, that's for sure. There were also a couple of (rare) S2 issues fixed in 7.17.1 and .2 SDKs that could help. I hope we end up on 7.17.2, as that is the GA release (7.17.1 was pre-GA).

I re-paired a number (10 maybe?) S2 devices just yesterday, and had no issues. But that said, I don't think I had issues pairing them before 7.17.1 firmware either - so that isn't a conclusive test.


Most of the issues that we've seen with S2 are on the devices side. Unfortunately, not many manufacturers are making new firmware updates available to public, so the upcoming SDK updates will not fix these issues.

However, the multitude of bug fixes and enhancements that these SDK updates will bring, may significantly improve the overall Z-Wave experience. The positive feedback that we received from the beta users regarding the upcoming 7.17.1 update, is very encouraging, especially for the large and rather busy networks. The next release will allow optional update to version 7.17.1.

UPDATE: the optional Z-Wave firmware update to 7.17.1 for C-7 model hubs is now available [click here for the release notes of our recent update]


The newer GE Fan Controllers, among MANY others that don't work quite right when paired S2


Awesome - I really appreciate everyone's inputs!

I have a Zen17 for my GDO that I'll eventually re-pair S2, so I'm just trying gameplan the best time to do that (since I'm lazy and don't want to spend too much time futzing back-&-forth with that particular device [detached garage at a longer distance yadda yadda])

But you're right about the manus -- their device firmwares are an equally big part of this puzzle too. Well, it'll be a fun project for some time this spring/summer, I anticipate :slight_smile:

Thanks again!


This is something I've never quite understood from a support standpoint. I mean, releasing firmware updates to endusers should be part and parcel of support for any device. Not releasing firmware seems very alienating. Even releasing it with an express warning you could brick the device and they wouldn't be responsible would be fine with most... Sorry just chattering


Some believe that their returns and support requests will go up dramatically if they allow end users to update firmware (even with a disclaimer) - "How do I do it?", "I did the update now the device doesn't work!", etc. I've seen Jasco explicitly say that in the past.

I disagree with that stance, but my opinion isn't particularly important to them. :slight_smile:


I guess that somewhat makes sense but I guess I would rather attempt to try it and eat the cost myself (I know a lot of people don't think that way)

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Me too.

Unfortunately, a lot of other people would buy a new one off Amazon and then send the bricked one back though. Amazon returns are the devil for manufacturers.


Now I preface this not knowing the construction of most devices: I would assume a section of rom with the 1st bios revision stored for the boot strapping would work and when a bad flash to nvram was done, a simple factory reset of the device would wipe it and it would boot from rom again would solve issues such as that. I also assume building it that way would make a device somewhat more expensive

Ive always had problems with the August Smart Lock Z-Wave inclusion process. Its taken me upwards of an hour to get it included and I'm dreading excluding and doing the inclusion on my new hub. I have some wishful thinking that this will make it just a little easier.

Edit: I did the exclusion/inclusion today and it was MUCH easier. Exclusion was easy and inclusion took 15 minutes (instead an hour during the original set up).

Also, there was a ghost node left on the original hub but I was able to go into the z-wave details page and delete it there. In the past I had to use a Nortek stick and the PC controller software to remove it.

Not to get anyone excited, but i just re-paired one of my newer GE Fan Controllers with S2 after the zwave 7.17.1 FW update and so far it’s working normally.


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