Are there any essential oil diffusers that work with h.e or a smart plug?

Are there any essential oil diffusers that work with h.e or a smart plug? Or h.a or homebridge?
Thank you

I am not quite sure what you are tying to accomplish.

Most essential oil diffusers either function using heat or ultrasound to vaporize the oils. The plug into a power source. If you plug them into a smart plug that is compatible with Hubitat, you can then use Hubitat to control the operation of the diffuser. You could program the device to turn on at specific times during the day. You could also link the device to modes so that the diffuser runs when you are in Home mode, but not when you are in Away or Sleep/Night mode.

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I agree. Get the dumbest one you can find. When power is on, it runs. When power is off, it doesn’t run.

Then as @rwclements228 said, plug it into any smart switch, and use Hubitat to automate turning on/off however you see fit.

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The thing is, I don’t see a “dumb” one. Looks like they all require a “start” button @rwclements228

I have a few of these: Smart WiFi Wireless Essential Oil Aromatherapy 400ml Ultrasonic Diffuser & Humidifier with Alexa & Google Home Phone App & Voice Control - Create Schedules - LED & Timer Settings

The app is ewelink. I know that says cloud all over it but last I knew over on the ST forum within the last few months, ewelink specifically asked users which drivers to build first and this was one of the requests. Normally there's not too much porting from ST to Hubitat.

Just saying that it MIGHT be possible. I've previously used Alexa to fill in the gaps with this integration.

Have you considered a wax warmer they are almost all "dumb". I am using one with a bulb as the heater on a smart plug and it works fantastic. I have it come on about 10 min into supper time and by the time I have finished eating it is starting to smell. I have a rule that sees when it comes on and turns it off 2 hours later.


I haven’t but thx

Most smartplugs do come with a button that will allow you to turn them on manually. However, they can also be turned on or off through Hubitat.

I use an Ewelink Zigbee smartplug in my bathroom to control a candle warmer that I use to keep my shaving lather warm during the shave. When I get ready to take my shower, I push a button on the smartplug to turn the warmer on. The plug sends a signal to Hubitat that starts a countdown timer. After a set time, the smartplug turns off as I am completing my shave. Before I set this up this way, I would often forget to turn the switch off manually and it would stay on needlessly for hours.

Ewelink does not actually make smartplugs. They make control chips that use Zigbee 3.0. The chips are used by a number of device manufactuers, all who sell plugs with similar design. Just be sure you get the Zigbee plug as it can be integrated directly with Hubitat.

A WiFi plug shoudl work, but you might need to use the Ewelink app or set up an Alexa routine. If you get Zigbee plugs, they also are wonderful repeaters for your Zigbee mesh. They even repeat Aqara signals, which many repeaters won't do.

if it relies on a power button to be pressed, you could look into using a switchbot. i'm using @tomw SwitchBot gets an open API! - #16 by charlesrblack integration and it works great

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Many of the diffusers do have an on-off switch, but you can leave that switch on and control the power through a smartplug. Thus, it is unlikely that a SwitchBot would be required, but it is an option. The smartplug can be controlled manually using the botton on the plug or through Hubitat or a voice assistant.

Thanks, there’s a tuya one, but in not sure of h.e integration

It appears that this device uses WiFi rather than Zigbee or Z wave. You can control it through Internet using Alexa or Google Home. If you set up virtual devices you can monitor the status within Hubitat. I try to avoid things that use WiFi, but that is a personal preference.

I can't take credit for this, read most of the mod somewhere else, possibly on this forum.
But the Airwick Essential Oil diffusers run on battery. They have schedules built in for when they go off that are very limiting. BUT, the important part is after getting power, about 15 seconds later they do an initial burst.

So if you are daring, you can take an unused AC to DC adapter outlet, strip the wires, connect to where the batteries should go, then plug that into a smart outlet. Turn the smart outlet on for about 25 seconds with an immediate off after and you'll get one burst.

The mod I read had purchased fake batteries online that you put in a device and then power the fake batteries thru USB. I'm sure there are many options for wiring a battery powered device.

Just to be clear, I do not suggest you do this nor do I take any liability for any issues you cause by doing this.

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