Are there a lot of ways to get desktop notifications on Hubitat?

Hi, I've read on an Amazon review that there's only one way to get notifications on Hubitat: via Pushover.
That's suboptimal because its notifications only stay on your screen shortly (due to Chrome html 5 limitations which is what it's using to send you the notifications)

I need something that stays there for like an hour or until you click it away.
Alright, I saw that there's a community solution for Pushbullet (wanted to link but you're not allowed to...) but the author doesn't update it anymore and the last time anything was written in its thread was 02/2019 so I guess it might be outdated.

And even if Pushbullet worked I wouldn't consider it optimal because the notifications aren't dark themed on Windows. Users are asking the devs for over a year to implement it but they don't respond. This is why I'm hoping for another solution in the future. (Actually rooting for the devs of Nowpush who were former pushbullet users themselves (no link allowed...)
Or perhaps someone can build a dark themed alternative with the openly available Pushbullet API. I myself don't have a lot of software experience and got stuck quickly upon trying.)

My important question is: Are there a decent amount of options to get desktop notifications and do the devs of Hubitat or members of the community plan to implement other solutions in the future?


There are community integrations that let you receive notifications by email. How they're displayed on your desktop is dependent on the mail client you use.

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Pushover is an app on iOS and Android and the messages stay there as long as you don't delete them or until 250 messages is reached and the older ones get deleted automatically it seems so you can review them for a while (in my case about a month). Pushover can also override the Do Not Disturb option on iOS if you set it to do so and send it high priority which works great for important night time notifications. Edit: I just noticed the 250 max messages is the default but is configurable to 1000 or All Messages. And there is a dark theme option in the Pushover app. Pushover costs $5 one time per platform to download the app but can be shared with the family through the iOS or Android stores family options.

There is also the Hubitat app for push notifications, those only stay a short while and aren't available for review in the app so once you dismiss the notifications or open the app they are gone. There used to be a way to review those in iOS but not Android and eventually they removed that ability from iOS as well for some reason.

There is also Twilio which can send SMS messages (which can override the Do Not Disturb option on iOS as well if you set it to allow contacts through and add the number Twilio uses) but you pay a little per message sent.

There are other options too that I haven't tried like the email option @aaiyar mentioned.

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For mobile, I use Pushover which works really well
For my desktop, I use email

I have considered looking at IM as I run an Psi IM server but I have found email to be sufficient


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@aaiyar & @Cobra:
Which email clients show notifications really long? And are the notifications dark themed?

Hard to say without knowing what OS/platform you use. You could also just leave your email client open all the time ......

Can you describe your use case in more detail? i.e. what types of notification events and the reason you want them to persist on your Win10 desktop for an hour or until manually cleared? I’m assuming you’re using Windows 10 because you referred to Windows dark mode in the OP.

There is a chrome extension called pullover that allows for pushover notifications.

I have been looking for something like this as well. When I was using Homeseer, their Speaker Client allowed an option for a brief toast notification to pop up on Windows machines when you were speaking something. There are not many Windows-based message clients at this point; the only one I found that was close to the desired functionality is SNARL, but I am having difficulties sending messages from a machine different than the client (the client is actually crashing).

I also paid for the Chrome Pushover client, and while I can see historical Pushover messages, popup notifications don't work on Chrome even though I have them turned on.

Windows 10 64 bit

@marktheknife : I want it for important calendar notifications eg in case I'm in the shower or asleep and miss it. Windows default calendar notifications won't stay on screen longer than I think it was 5 minutes.
My pc is my main device that I return to regularly throughout the day opposed to eg my smartphone.

Got it. So the question is more about which windows 10 notification apps can be set to persist or require an acknowledgement before they are pushed into the system tray.

Hubitat can support plenty of ways to get a notification on a PC, but you are looking for a specific app feature within windows 10?

Is that about right?

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There is a chrome extension called pullover that allows for pushover notifications.

*desktop app

That's nice. So we got the functionality of pushbullet with this one. It has no dark mode too though. :<


So that's the problem - Hubitat doesn't (and cannot) control what happens to notifications after they are sent.

Do you know of a Windows 10 desktop notifications app that meets all of your criteria? If you did, it might be possible to figure out a way to get Hubitat notifications into that app.

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