Are the benefits of Remote Admin service the same in the bundle?

I currently have Remote Admin on my hub. I also use that to support a couple friends.
I have myself as a user on their hubs.

If i go to the bundle with Hub Protect/Remote Admin on my hub will the remote admin still work for my access to those other hubs?

The bundle combines Hub Protect and yearly Remote Admin into one discounted subscription. The benefits are identical if the subscriptions would be purchased separately. Hub Protect service extends the warranty on the device you enrolled in the bundle, and the Remote Admin gives access to all hubs that are registered with the same admin account.

Not sure how to handle this. I have the current remote admin user as a guest user on my main hub, and admin user on the other 2 hubs. On my main hub the admin user is different. So to change the current remote admin, which is under the guest user on my main hub, to a combo protect with remote admin on my main hub I need to log into the hub with the admin user. But how do I handle the remote admin being a different user? I would prefer that my main hub admin user remain different from the other hubs as it is now.

Hope that all made sense.....

If you need Remote Admin solely to help your friends, and you are paying for the service, then you are effectively the administrator of those hubs. If they are subscribed directly to the service, and you want them to pay for your Remote Admin, then I wouldn't bundle. If you have any further questions, please send me a private message.

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