Are Schlage BE469ZP CAM 605 Z-wave locks fully compatible in Hubitat with Schlage Zigbee BE468GBAK CAM 605?

Are Schlage BE469ZP CAM 605 Z-wave locks fully compatible IN HUBITAT with Schlage Zigbee BE468GBAK CAM 605?
By fully compatible I mean: is the Zigbee lock’s locked status, battery level, ability to lock and unlock remotely, and use Lock Code Manager exactly like the Z-Wave locks?

(Why do I ask? I have 9 Schlage Z-waves. 4+ years after installation, one has malfunctioned. It is still under warranty, and Schlage will replace it!! However, they have none in my needed finish—gold—in stock and won’t until 2023, and I cannot find any online nor locally. However, I can find a Zigbee version. I understand Canadian zigbees don’t function fully, so I worry the Zigbee is functionally different from the Z-wave. I don’t want to wait and endure my crippled house that was so conveniently automated, but again now requires a keyring.)

I have one working with everything you mentioned using the Generic Zigbee Lock driver.

The ability to lock and unlock remotely depends on whatever automation you have set up--a Zigbee or Z-Wave lock doesn't support that per se, it's just up to however you have it configured on the hub. It sounds like you have something (cloud Dashboard?) set up for your Z-Wave locks, and the same should work for Zigbee. The hub sees similar attributes and commands for both, which is ultimately what apps/automations work with.

Thanks for the quick response! Do you have a mix of Z-wave and zigbee locks?

Yes, I have two "classic" Z-Wave Schlage locks (not officially supported, but they work fine for me) and one of the Schlage Zigbee models.

Thanks! I will get the Zigbee, and Schlage will reimburse me.

(The Z-wave that died was the classical one, as well. I had a mix of both, and they all worked fine. Leastways, until it died. This is the third I’ve had to replace. The external keypads seem to stop working, or somewhere in the guts, something electronic broke. The first was a few months after being lashed with a hurricane and years on the windward side with strong winds and rain; the next maybe a few hours of hurricane, but generally well-sheltered; and this one completely protected, zero chance of water, but the oldest. All in all, they’ve been great, and Schlage is fantastic in their support.)

I am a Canadian, who has a Schlage zigbee lock, that was bought on and it works great with all the features you mention.

Not sure what you mean by this, zigbee in Canada and zigbee in the USA are the same. Is the Schlage zigbee lock not available in the USA?

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FYI - everything @bertabcd1234 said is accurate.

However, apart from z-wave/zigbee there is another hardware difference between the BE469 locks and the BE468 locks.

The former have a built-in tamper alarm to deter forced entry that the latter do not have.

Thanks for the warning!

Yes, I eventually read that, but I don’t use that alarm function.

Glad to hear yours is fine!

I read it in the reviews for the Zigbee lock on amazon: in the area for my US Smile Account “Top reviews from other countries”

(They are talking about Smart Things and Alexa. Hence my inquiry for Hubitat.)

See if they'll just send you a BE469ZP of any style, and you can swap the guts (and the plate that has the codes on it), keeping your existing trim (and keying). It's pretty easy.

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Didn't see it mentioned if you have other ZigBee devices, it will help reliability if your mesh has a repeater or two.


I have several lighting zigbee devices as well, so there is a fairly well-functioning mesh judging by my out-at-the-edge temp-humidity sensor. The new lock will be 5’ from the Hubitat hub, as well.
I appreciate all the advice I can get.

I thought about that, but they were reluctant, as they want the problem fixed with no chance of continuing issues.
Appreciate the advice!

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