Are replacement antennas available for sale?

Any plans on selling replacement antennas, I would be ready to buy 2 and replace the ones on my C7!

I've seen plenty of 50 Ω dual-mode SMA antennas for ZW and Zgb on eBay for around $7-8 a piece, if you're in a hurry.

Be careful with buying unknown brand antennas. Due to my OCD and wanting the best antenna I bought a spectrum analyzer, SAA-V2 and checked about a dozen antennas. For z-wave 908mHz I found digi had the best antenna. Some of the ones I got from amazon were a joke.
This is the Z-wave antenna and I can pair devices about 60-70 feet away from the antenna.

As far as Zigbee, most brand name routers have good antennas, which is where i found the one that worked best, I think it was a TP-Link ? White tapered mast type.

With so much at stake, the 50 bucks was well spent on an spectrum analyzer to be sure my antenna wasn't hamstringing my setup.


That's exactly why if Hubitat would sell them, I would be a lot more comfortable buying them from them than buying cheap chinese knockoffs that do not comply to anything. Canadian dealers are not easy to find and finding the right one on Digikey is kind of hard when you don't really know much about RF antennas. Since the C8 uses dual band antennas, I like this option and they are not too big like the ones most people retrofitted.


I don't doubt that HE staff selected a good antenna. However depending on your environment, some antennas may work better than others. Like if you have ranch type home where everything is on one floor, you could opt for a higher gain antenna, not needing the wider vertical spread of an antenna with less gain.


One of my antennas was broken in the box. I am going to try to reach out to the HE folks but would be interested in third party antennas too if there are recommendations.

$50 for the Spectrum Analyzer in GHz range sounds like a big joke.

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tinySA will get you to Z-wave range for about $50. I used this to chase some strange garage door remote behavior.

Over 1 GHz, I can only imagine a secondhand purchase on such a budget. I would love to learn otherwise, though.

I am curious what this tinySA is?
Could you please, provide a link to this toy?
Just an AD Converter in this rage priced around $1000

Just checked this toy on Amazon:

Of course this is nothing more than a toy and a joke.
Few yars ago I brought an 200Mhz oscilloscope for around $2000
And even this one just a nice toy.

I am EE

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It is a tool that adequately performs its intended function. Source - another EE that used to spec or build test equipment (including one of the famous home automation companies favored in this forum).


You are absolutely free to use whatever you want.
Please keep in mind - price just for the good 500Mhz Passive Probe (which is nothing more then compensated piece of wire) is around few hundreds.
The above toy may give you sort of "black or white" answer specifically at the end of the specified band. Sometime this is better than nothing.

actually the guy with the white gloves on Youtube(Andreas Spiess)
tested and said it was dam accurate when compared with his oscilloscope.
And @vitaliy_kh while I respect your profession, you have to understand in China, they don't pay for tech, they "borrow" it. In that case they don't have the huge cost of development that HP might have when they build instruments. They just "borrow" or clone someone's hard work, throw in some components and a functional piece of equipment is born for 50.00. Now would SpaceX use this equipment? of course not, but I feel it's more than adequate to get fairly good results.

Thank you for the info. For my curiosity I did watch this video.
There are very many very valid points, specifically regarding calibration.
But this did not change my mind at all.
Yes, with many different tricks you can use say, a ruler with centimeters
between notches to measure millimeters.
And this is exactly what is going on with this cheap toys from China.
I have to admit, few different Meters from China are really good and
yes, they are doing their job very well.
But unfortunately this is not applicable to the cheap Scopes and Analyzers.
These are nothing more than nice toys.

Well, I know very well what is going on and why something from China
is very cheap but still good enough.

Bottom line:
Equipment for the GHz Range Measurements cannot be cheap in production
even thought zero money was spent on RND.

Just set of these adapters (real good quality from the reliable trusted source):

will cost a lot more than $50
($148 for the toy from Amazon:

And again: You can use whatever you want. I don't have a problem with this.

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At the end of the day, that is probably more than 99% of the users are really looking for. Unless, like you they are EE or have a similar skill set, or have OCD on over drive. No doubt the oscilloscopes you are referencing are leaps and bound superior to the $50 consumer grade instruments, but then again most people wouldn't know how to use all the functions of them anyway.

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