Are native z-wave blinds worth a $450 premium vs soma?

56x79 and zebra blinds are about $640 all said and done, I can get blinds and add soma for about $200. What are your opinions about it?

IKEA Blinds. :wink:

Manual blinds. :slight_smile:


Unfortunately no 56 inch

I’m in a wheelchair and while I CAN reach them, it’s a huge pia

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I have had good luck with iblinds. I have had 10 installed since January, and they have been very reliable.

They claim to work with 72" x 72".


I own the Soma as well as mysmartblinds retrofit kits. The soma blinds are expensive but they are magnificant -- the batteries last, literally, 2+ years (I've had them for 5 years and replaced the batteries once, about 2 years ago).

They quality is great -- they work perfectly and having pico remotes -- It's a lot of money but honesty the'll last for years and work reliably.

The mysmartblinds upgrade kits also work -- it's a bit more DIY, doesn't integrate into hubitat and generally need more fiddling (I feel like I have to do something a few times a year to fix them).

If you can afford them, and you are OK with lutron (you need the hub) I really recommend them

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There was a thread in the Smartthings forum with a discount code that was updated regularly by a ZebraBlinds staff member.

You might want to see if it’s still active and what the most recent code is. I made use of the discount more than once, and it was a pretty good one.

It was also possible to stack the smartthings promo code on their reduced prices for holiday sales.

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The soma integrate with h.e?

yes -- you need the lutron 'pro' hub -- it then gives local control (it's about $90 or so) and work very well in HE.

Lutron stuff is probably the most reliable Home Automation items I use......


Since you always seem to know about this stuff, if I get their zigbee blinds, that connect directly with the echo, shouldn’t they also connect to h.e. Generic blinds

You know, I'm not sure on this one. The description in the link makes it sound like you need a Bond hub or Broadlink to act as a bridge and get these into Alexa (aka they can't connect to Alexa on their own).

Not trying to dodge the question, but it would be better if someone that uses Alexa chimes in (I only use Google Home).

Sorry, I sent the wrong link

You can choose a zigbee motor

I think the most honest answer anyone here can give unless someone here owns that model is "maybe." Just because it pairs with a hub doesn't mean it will work with all hubs. It also doesn't mean it will work with the out of the box driver. You'd really have to try it out to know for sure.

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Ditto. Not all zigbee is equal - it could be non-compliant or it could be compliant but use all manufacturer specific clusters requiring a lot of sniffing work to decode/make a driver for.

Wish I could give a better answer.



Ditto on the above post about iBlinds. I have 5 of them currently, for six months now. Have worked without failure. About to acquire 5 more. You can get a solar panel add-on from them, to keep the battery charged. They integrate directly with Hubitat, via a custom Hubitat driver from the company. That then allows you to expose them to Alexa integration or any other automation.

I'm very tempted to order those. I've seen them before but never noticed the zigbee option before. I've been trying to order some of the Ikea blinds for months, no delivery and no pick up options still.

The price sure is right!

That's 10 x $149 =~ $1500 so far? Or is there an ability to join multiple windows that are side by side together?