Are Lifx White bulbs brighter than Hue bulbs?

Hi, I'm thinking of buying Lifx White to Warm bulbs as they are half the price of the Hue 1600 lumens bulb.

Does anyone have any experience with these bulbs? Do they have good integration with HE? Are they bright as the Hue 1600?

No, nothing on the market is brighter than Hue 1600 lumens. Depending on the Lifx model you are looking to buy, their classic white is only 650 lumens (roughly 40% brightness of Hue 1600).

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The new ones have 1000 lumens, so it's pretty close.

Hue also has 1100-lumen bulbs (I strongly suspect they're going to make these the standard bulbs in favor of the 800-lumen model given how similar in price they are and the fact that the former are almost getting harder to find, but I don't know for sure...). I find the difference between 1000 and 1600 quite pronounced, but I suppose it depends on your application. If you don't need the equivalent of a 100 W incandescent, it may be overkill (1100 is more like 75, still notably brighter than 60 W or 800 lm). And if you have a small light fixture, they may be better: the 1600 model is quite large.

But with both of these products, I'm just glad there are brighter options now. :slight_smile:


The Hue High Lumen Smart Bulbs (1600 lumens) are significantly bigger than the regular 1100 lumens bulbs, so their application may be limited.

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It's for my living room and bedroom.
The height of the lights is 7-10 feet from the floor.
I currently have the Philips hue 800lm bulbs and I find their brightness to be too low. Especially the warm light that I use at night.

If you do consider the 1600 lumen Hue bulbs be warned, they are substantially larger than the 800/1100 bulbs.


I don't have a problem with the size, more with the price :wink:

These Lifx bulbs are rare to find on Amazon stores, at least from my country. So when I bumped into a White to Warm 2pack, I quickly snatched 2units (4 bulbs overall).
The problem is that they are B22 sockets, so I also bought E27 to B22 convertors.

All in all, the 4 Lifxbulbs and the convertors cost me the same price as 2 hue 1600 bulbs.
I hope I've made the right decision...

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That's nice deal. I didn't know they are 1000 lumens across the Atlantic :slight_smile:

Yep. Amazon Germany :slightly_smiling_face:

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