Are cloud dashboards working for anyone today

I can't access my cloud dashboards, it gets stuck on 'loading layout' no matter which dashboard I try and open. Can anyone else access their cloud dashboards today or is it just me?

I've tried force closing the app, clearing the app's cache, uninstalling the beta app, leaving the beta program and installing the stable app and still can't.

Doesn't matter if I'm on wifi or 4g LTE.

Working fine for me. Contact support if you are not home to have a look at you hub or local dashboard.

Well reported it to suppor earlier today but, not surprisingly, I didn't hear back from them. There were some things malfunctioning at the house for my guests that I really needed to get into the dashboard and correct but I couldn't and support never got back to me either.

I'm getting really discouraged by support lately. I've taken so much time out of my day to report issues and provide logs in hopes that it will lead to troubleshooting and improvements for the whole community but I rarely hear back from support.

I continue to experience a lot of issues with the mobile app properly reporting location on both mine and my wife's phones and I don't get any support from them on this at all.

Tagging @bobbyD for visibility. He might not otherwise see this as it’s not posted in the support area.

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Support got in touch with me and had the following to say:

"I took a look at your hub's error log and it appears that the problems you are experiencing are related to a tile on your dashboard. Your hub has been connected the entire time to the cloud. I see that you are having issues with the Chromecast Integration. If you have any tiles on your dashboard using the Chromecast devices, that may explain why you weren't able to open the dashboard. I suggest disabling the Chromecast Integration app and its corresponding devices to see if your problems go away."

I actually have noticed notifications that come through the Chromecast integration haven't been working properly lately, they never have been very reliable. However I actually don't have any tiles on my dashboard that are tied to a Chromecast integration so still not sure what's going on.