Aquarium Light

I just ordered the Aquatic Life HM Electronics Edge Freshwater Wireless LED Aquarium Light Fixture and it has a bluetooth app for your phone to connect to the light and make adjustments, set timers and change the scene to stormy, cloudy, sunny etc.. I was wondering if anyone has written or know of a way to connect hubitat to this to control it. The app depends on me to control it, I would like for hubitat to know when it's raining, make the lighting follow the stormy weather. I just want a way to connect it so that switch on the app can be controlled by hubitat. Any ideas? Thank you!

I gave up on those Bluetooth aquarium lights, I had one where the Bluetooth wouldn't connect anymore so the whole light fixture is dead. I bought a "dumb" LED aquarium light (just has an on/off toggle) and hooked it to a Z-wave plug-in switch and do all my timings via the Hubitat.

Yea, all of those features are cool, but after a week or so I tend to just leave it alone and let run on a daily timing schedule.

That is why I want to be able to program it... So I don't have to mess with it, just let it do it's thing.. :slight_smile:

I never had any luck with bluetooth. I have an aquarium light that uses an RF remote. I use a sonoff RF bridge flashed with tasmota to control it. I don't use all of the features but I do use it to gradually brighten the light from 0 to 100 at sunrise and the opposite at sunset. and then use a blue light during the night and the storm effect when it's raining.

Chances are there is not an easy way to do any integration. With a Bluetooth light there is no API or network access that a Hubitat driver could try to send commands through.

Doing a little research on it, the WiFi version seems to use the Magic Home Pro app... which is something that has an integration created for Hubitat (although I do not know if it would support an aquarium light specifically).

But for the Bluetooth... maybe you can reach out to AquaticLife and see if they can recommend some sort of Bluetooth-WiFi bridge device or alternative?

I’m setting up a new aquarium for the first time since 2005. I am hoping that Inovelli gets their light strips back in stock at some point, that looks like it would be a great solution, potentially being able to program it to match the real outside lighting conditions, or setting up different color palettes for different times of the day or year.

I’ll run a conventional LED light on a plug for now, it’s already a step above the fluorescent lights I used back then, but the Inovelli is on my dream list, but if it never comes back I guess I’ll find another solution.

Update: I cancelled my order and ordered the Current-USA that has an IR remote. So I am going to use the RM4 IR blaster if I can figure it out. So far I have been able use the driver and the app to make ir codes and I can send them to the unit but I am stuck as to how to make them buttons or items that you can have hubitat control.. Any tips?

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