Aqara ZB3.0 pet feeder

Looks interesting -- I would definitely consider this for our cat if integration was easy!

The $100 Aqara Smart Pet Feeder C1 lets your pet get in on the smart home fun - The Verge

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FWIW, this device works with zigbee2mqtt with an external converter that's available here.

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Gonna need @kkossev to write a driver for it :rofl:


Ha, yes, true. We have a dumb version of one of these feeders for our cat, and it works well. But that thing is maddening to program (non-sensical menus etc), so I'd be interested in getting an easier-to-use smart version, but unless there's a mad rush for these things, it's not really worth anyone's time to build a driver for.

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Yeah we have one shaped like a robot.

Hopefully, Matter will bring these interesting devices to Hubitat... someday :slight_smile:


Newbie do I use this external converter?
Aqara P1 motion sensor is there - one less device driver to worry about! :slight_smile:


Interesting this Aqara device mentioned in this thread is the same physical hardware as the Wifi Prupet feeder that I've had since 2021 (which is controlled by the Tuya Smart App). So I guess this swaps out wifi for Zigbee 3.0 at a higher price.

A word of caution with this physical feeder design, cats learn how to manually feed themselves on demand in about 5 days. We have taped a series of spongy items over the buttons to prevent the cats from feeding themselves. Other than that, the feeder itself is reliable, doesn't get jammed and programming schedule and meal size through the Tuya app anyway was easy.

Good morning,

Has anyone already managed to get a driver for this device?

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Did anyone get this device integrated to hubitat?

Where are we in creating a driver for this device in hubitat?

Do you have the device?

I would like to buy the product and it sitting in my Amazon cart, is there an alternative ?

This is a rather complex device, it will be difficult to debug the driver for it.
Where are you located?

The alternatives is to integrate it via SmartThings or Home Assistant (local) or buy an Aqara hub (Aqara E1 hub is relatively cheap) and then control it via HomeKit/Alexa/Google home.


I have consider Aqara hub and managing through HomeKit. Just trying to keep it local and minimizing the number of devices in my home. The goal this year is to keep everything local. This is why I have been purchasing zigbee and Z Wave devices. The goal is to just have Habitat C8 running things :slight_smile:

Thank you for following up and love the community members support 100%!!


I have two of these feeders, and they are truly set and forget. No integration would be able to match the features Aqara has implemented in their app (they don't make them available to third parties). You are better off buying an Aqara M2 hub, which is also a Matter bridge for other Aqara connected Zigbee devices, so you could get more benefits out of their hub in the long run, beside setting up the feeder.


Hey Bobby,
I am considering purchasing the Aqara pet feeder, despite the integrations to habitat. The main point at this time "is the set it and forget it feature."

After reading your post I just order one on Amazon, still have time to add to the Christmas tree. LoL

Thank you Bobby your feedback matters and my dog will thank you too :slight_smile:

** Merry Christmas to you and all the members in the community !!


I will have one tomorrow. Can someone write an integration to tell my three cats how to share the bowl? I CAN do two, but I would prefer not to.. hahaha

The Aqara pet feeder can call them by name .... :slight_smile: