My Aqara sensors keep dropping connection from the hub, they use to work fine but now i can't get them to stay connected for more than 24hrs, they are‎ the WSDCGQ11LM models and i'm using the xiaomi Aqara Mijia Sensors and Switches driver.

any ideas would be greatful.

This is common behavior for these devices, and you can find lots of topics on this subject if you search. Here is one of the most popular:

As you will see there, keeping them either on their own hub or a hub with only known "compatible" repeaters is the best workaround. I think luck also tends to be worse on hub model C-8, though it's been a while since I've read reports of any experiences.


What hub are you trying to get the sensors to work on? C7 c8 or?

Here's a recent quick summary of my experience with Aqara devices that I recently posted.

TL;DR They can be very difficult to make work, and once you make them work it can be unclear, if they start having problems, what the difference is.

Have you added any other mains powered zigbee devices recently? I had some issues when I added a motion sensor. Several Aqara contact sensors kept dropping off the hub repeatedly. I moved the motion sensor to a different hub, and my problems went away. The sensor was Mains powered and worked as a repeater as well. I didn't do enough testing to really positively confirm the motion sensor was the problem, but removing it did clear up my issues. I've had ongoing general problems w/Zigbee devices for months (hopefully finaly clearing up now) but in that time my Aqara contact sensors have been more reliable on my C8 overall than traditional Visonic contacts and Iris motions. So go figure...


I agree with both of you. I was fine at the beginning with a few aqara motion sensor in the mix and then as my zigbee mesh grew they started to get erratic.
Now I have a dedicated C5 just for aqara - since April of 2022 - and I have not had a problem. I added two more aqara motions to it a couple months ago, now totalling 15 motion and temp/humidity and no issues.


it is the C-8 i'm using but thanks for the help

its the C-8 i'm using, not other changes have be made, only the hub from C-7 to C-8 a few weeks ago

Hi Tony,

To keep your Aqara/Xiaomi battery-powered sensors connected, you must make sure that all of them are paired to a compatible Zigbee repeater, never directly to the hub!

One by one, pair each Aqara sensor again extremely closely to a mains-powered Zigbee device in the same room. Check whether Zigbee map shows the device is linked not directly, but via the repeater of your choice. If not - pair it again (may require several tries for each device).

I have a lot of Aqara motion and contact sensors working rock solid when paired this way to my C-8, no single drop-off in the past 6 months since I moved most of my Zigbee devices to the new C-8.