Aqara U50 with Hubitat?

Hello all!

I've got a C-8 hub with about 20 working lights and all are working well. I'm trying to do a little research before making a decision on adding some smart locks to my home. I have an older Kwikset Halo lock that's dead and I'm 99% sure it's outside of warranty. I'm eyeballing the Aqara U50 lock as a replacement, but from googling, I've seen lots of differing results of using them in Hubitat.

My questions are hopefully simple:

  1. Is anyone successfully using these locks with Hubitat?
  2. Do you also need to use the Aqara hub in conjunction with Hubitat for the locks to work?
  3. Can the locks be controlled via HE automation tasks? For example, locking/unlocking on a schedule?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, and welcome to Hubitat community forum!

Unfortunately, there is not an easy solution for Aqara Zigbee locks use in HE.
You will always need an Aqara hub to pair the Aqara locks, then the locks could be controlled from the linked other home automation systems - Apple Home as an example (not sure if Google and Alexa allow locks control). You can control the lock from Hubitat using virtual switches exposed to Apple home/Alexa.

The best solution would be a fully local integration between the Aqara hub and HE, using the Matter Bridge protocol. Unfortunately, at this time the locks are not supported in Hubitat's implementation of Matter. Hopefully, this will change in the near future.

Thanks for the info. I'll just keep looking for something better than the Aqara; there are plenty of other options; I just kinda liked the styling of the lock.

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