Aqara U100 smart lock pre-order

Aqara U100 smart lock pre-order shipping July 31 on Amazon Canada

well that didn't last already gone :frowning:

Hopefully someone here got one and the driver exploration can begin.
My Kwiksets FLiRS are sad and I have no ZB cards to try.

Well the lock showed up a little early but so far not finding a way to activate the zigbee pairing on the lock to try and connect to Hubitat. Only has a "reset", "set", and "homekit" button.
Sets up fine through Aqara home app and connects to alexa. Fingerprints work fine as well.
Alexa has an error but likely due to not installed just sitting on my desk.
(I don't have homekit)
It had a firmware update available when I first installed it.
submitted a ticket with Aqara will see if they get back to me.

I don't think there is a way that Aqara U100 encrypted communication will ever work with anything else different than Aqara hub.
Probably the only way to bring it to Hubitat is via virtual switches in HomeKit or in Alexa

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yeah was thinking the same will have to wait for my Home Assisant yellow to show up and get an Aqara hub and it might work locally.
Unless they give us a firmware update that works locally.

Will try it on the cloud through alexa for now,

For anyone looking to buy the U100 lock.
Even though it shows up in Alexa (shows in error state) through the Aqara home app by itself.
It still needs an Aqara hub to work in Alexa.
I figured I would play with the Aqara facial recognition in the Aqara G3 camera hub.
But unlocking with facial recognition is blocked in the Aqara home app and also does not get sent to Alexa. Alexa only gets the camera function.
So a cheaper Aqara hub is all that is needed.
The Aqara home app is VERY limited in what automations can be created. Even the Sonos speaker can only play music no text to speech in the Aqara home app.

Overall build quality of the lock is good but the case half on inside of door is only held on with 2 small screws which works fine but could have been better as they are behind the control knob itself which has to be pulled off to install.
Also the battery cover case is just snap on and very tight but could wear out over time.
The cut out in the door frame that the dead bolt goes into I had to make slightly deeper.
The calibration in Aqara home app didn't appear to adjust anything.

The number pad and fingerprint sensor works great. Even my 5 year old's fingerprints work fine.
you can add several fingerprints per person.
Once I added the Aqara hub and a virtual switch I could use the lock with Alexa and Hubitat (via the Alexa cloud).

Question: Can you program it with various lock codes? (via Alexa)?
2nd Question: Can this lock pair directly into Home Assistant , and then via the bridge into Hubitat?
(Or, you have to use a Aqara Hub to get it into Home Assistant).
(If you have to use a aqara hub, then can I use the aqara -> Hubitat bridge?)

(I'm considering buying this "fancy" lock)

Looks like the U100 lock is back in stock.

  • You can not program codes via Alexa only lock/unlock and you have to be within bluetooth range to program the lock via Aqara Home app (not remotely).
  • I doubt it likely still need a hub (I don't have Home Assistant yet still waiting for it to arrive)
  • I am hoping it should work via a hub through Home Assistant

I created a virtual switch/lock DH will test it out and see how it works with Alexa/Hubitat but Home Assistant may solve the intergration better.

Aqara support sent me this:

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just a little more info

The Alexa options more limited than I originally thought.
You can unlock from the Alexa lock icon by touching the icon but it will not lock.
To add to the Alexa headache Alexa will not let you unlock from a routine in Alexa you can only do it by touching the icon. Alexa also fails to lock from a routine.
Alexa does show the correct state of the lock though and using a virtual switch for Hubitat only shows the correct state in Hubitat (good for dashboard) but it can not control (lock or unlock) the lock due to the limitations in Alexa routines.

Overall I still like the lock. The wife and kids love the fingerprint sensor.
I even programmed my wifes iphone with the apple Home key and it works fine as well (no homekit hub).

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