Aqara Temperature Sensor & Zigbee

Afternoon All, I have a couple questions that I am hoping someone can help with. I have been primarily running Zwave for the house and just started to play with Zigbee. For the Zigbee side, I have 2 Samsung Plugs that are repeating for some IRIS contact sensors that are working great.

Question # 1
I will be starting to play with some Aqara Temp/Humidity sensors that will be arriving this weekend. I also purchased some IKEA repeaters as these are known to work with Aqara products. If I have these on my network along with the Samsung zigbee plugs, will I be running into any issues?

Question # 2
The pairing looks pretty straight forward, plug it into the outlet - push the little button with a paperclip, zigbee device discover and let Hubitat do its thing. If I choose to remove the Ikea repeater, how to I factory reset it?

Just trying to get a jump on things before stuff arrives.

Thanks for your help!

For the Xiaomi devices, I found the 2018 SmartThings Plus to (apparently) work well for me in terms of repeating Xiaomi devices, or at least whenever I was able to map my network (the "apparently" thing comes from the fact that this didn't always work so I couldn't tell), they said they were routing through it and never "fell off," which is the problem you get with most repeaters. However, others reported that their luck varied. I could have been lucky, or I could have been wrong. Worst case, you could remove those repeaters and use just the Ikea ones if needed if you don't rely on the ST ones for anything else (including general network range/strength).

I can't remember how to reset the Ikea Trรฅdfri USB repeater off the top of my head, but Hubitat appears to have instructions here (for this device--and many other Hubitat-compatible devices) that should help: Join and Reset Instructions - Hubitat Documentation. Most Zigbee devices also respond to getting removed from the network (i.e., deleted from Hubitat) by resetting themselves if they are "healthy" (on the network) when the removal is performed, as well, so you may not actually need to do this.


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