Aqara Sensor disappearing SmartThings paired


I have a Hubitat Hub in the loft and put a number of Smartthings smart plugs in different corners of the house to build up the ZB mesh network, all of the plugs show in the Neighbour Table with high LQI. This worked fine for months and I had a rock solid environment.

However recently my front door Aqara sensor keeps disappearing and failing to trigger when the door is opened/closed. I repaired the closest Smartthings plug (to the hub) this plug is about 2metres away from the sensor and I repaired the Aqara sensor. I checked the routing table and saw the sensor connected to the plug and was working fine, however a few hours later it vanishes again and no longer shows as an entry in the routing table but the plug still shows as a Neighbour Table entry!

Its like the Aqara goes into deep sleep and then the plug drops it?

Any ideas what to do?

Smartthing plugs are using; Generic Zigbee Outlet driver
Aqara Sensor I tried; Xiaomi Door/Window Sensor and Zigbee - Xiaomi/Aqara Contact Sensor drivers

Aqara sensors aren't standard ZHA1.2 and only work consistently with a subset of repeaters. I could not get mine to work with SmartThings plugs.

My suggestion is that you consider replacing your Aqara sensors with ZHA1.2 sensors (or zigbee 3.0 sensors) that are Hubitat-compatible. Alternatively, replace every repeater on your zigbee mesh to be an Aqara-compatible repeater.


I am afraid this sounds like the behaviour I experienced with Aqara too. Aqara and Tuya are on my list to be very careful of.

Do you have any recommendation of a contact sensor that is guaranteed to work? I've tried Sonoff and that was terrible, Aqara worked fine but now intermittent. I think it would be cheaper to replace the sensor than pull out my smartthings plugs.

The SmartThings ones work well for me but their batteries can suddenly go without any early warning or even showing a low battery on their device page, so you need to use the Device Activity Check with them,

Sengled contact sensors are inexpensive (4 for $50), and work with Hubitat. They're on sale right now for a further 20% off ....


Thanks I'll check this out

Quick update on this if anybody is interested. Received the Sengled sensors today, had to import them from Amazon US as they were out of stock on the UK site. (cost £50 for 4)

Simple Zigbee Pairing in Hubitat and they were found ok. Rebuilt my logic inside Home Assistant and events are triggering fine. So touchwood I have a reliable solution now, only time will tell but thanks for your help

Glad you got it sorted.
FYI, the Aqara devices work fine with Ikea Tradfri repeaters which are as cheap as chips! The USB repeater is £8 and the Smart Plug repeater is £10.