Aqara QBKG11LM relay not switching

So i have a number of Aqara QBKG11LM switches, one however will not switch the relay (this is before registering it with Hubitat).

I registered the switch and tried to turn it on and off remotely, although it registers as On/Off, it does not switch the relay.

I have toggled the deactivate switch relay in the main parent and then re-enabled it (in case it had been set up incorrectly), but to no avail!

has anyone else experienced this, do you know if the thing can be factory reset?

all the feedback seems to be working, just no switching

Most Xiaomi/Aqara devices can be factory reset by holding the button on them for more than 10 seconds.

@veeceeoh is there a Zigbee command these devices might respond to which could potentially fix this?

Thanks Markus, I have done the 10 second thing, but I'll try again, odd how it was not working out of the box, so it could be just faulty and i'm chasing my tail!

If the factory reset doesn't work and veeceeoh doesn't have more options for you, it's probably faulty unfortunately.

Fixed!! The old Birmingham Screwdriver fixed did the trick! it was a sticky relay, one light wack with a hammer loosened it right up! :hammer:


So hardware then... Great you got it working!

OMG, not good. :dizzy_face:
Please listen for sparky sounds when using it on/off for a while. Listen for clean and good click.
Might be a faulty hardware that can turn into a big problem for you.
We do not want any fires reported in this forum. :scream:

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Sticky relays are not that unusual, i did give a good test once i fixed it, but I'll be making sure it's checked properly when I install it!


Maybe you should try to get a replacement from AliX store, if that is where you got it from. Worth a try, right?
Right stores on AliX ships a replacement if product is DOA (Dead On Arrival)

Good luck, you might get lucky here. :slight_smile:


it was a bulk purchase from e-bay :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Ah, oh well, out of luck there then. :relaxed:
Maybe some minor corrotion on the contacts kept it form releasing until you wacked it. I guess with a small load, which usually LED units have, will lower the risk of arching in the relay, hence not so dangerous. I recommend to pay extra attention to the sound of the relay for a while, though.
Be safe! :slight_smile:

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