Aqara motion sensors after power outage

Today on my whole street I had an power outage. A few hours later when power was restored, I noticed that Hubitat has some problems.
First of all it stopped recieving inactive motion sensor events (active still works) and I also noticed that many apps stopped working.
I have a dedicated UPS but today was a longer power outage than usally.

What's wrong?

I'm really puzzled by this. If no motion inactive events are received, how do you know that active still works?

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Because after the 60 sec interval when the sensor sets its state to inactive I see in logs that hubitat recieved a new frame from the motion sensor.

I have 2 motion sensors and both have the same problem.

Aqara motion sensors do not actually report an 'inactive' state. The driver used changes the state from active to inactive at an interval set by the driver.
I have found with Xiaomi/Aqara devices that when they are first paired, (I don't know if you have re-paired them) they will report active again after 5 seconds. After a period of time they stop doing this. It drops back to every minute.
I'm don't know if this is what you are seeing.

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Ok, now it's working fine. I restored database from last night backup.

So it was an app issue because of a corrupted database.
I've also soldered that one pin on both sensors so they can reset every 5 seconds and it's working fine.

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