Aqara motion sensor sensitivity

Really like the Aqara motion sensor RTCGQ11LM

but it is too sensitive. I have it mounted 2 feet off the ground. Any way to adjust the sensitivity? My little dog sets it off, as do I when i am closer than 10 feet. The sensor has been rotated which just changes the field of view. Thought about strategically placed strips of electrical tape over the lens, but that is hokey. The only driver available is the one built into Hubitat, which has no sensitivity adjustment.

Any ideas on how to reduce the sensitivity?

perhaps you can put tape on the inside, behind the lens?

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Nope. Sensitivity adjustment is not an exposed parameter. The exposed parameters are described in this link:


Thanks for the reply. “I read on the Internet so it must be true” the sensitivity can be adjusted with the Aqara app, but an Aqara hub is required.

Really don’t want to get the hub and find out the info is incorrect. Have 3 more of these coming to replace ZooZ 4-in-1 sensors that eat batteries no matter the brand or battery chemistry.

Maybe a 3D printed adjustable shutter…

I flipped it upside down to see if that changes anything.

I had an Aqara hub for a while and could not adjust the sensitivity of these sensors with it. I know the sensitivity of the high-precision RTCGQ13LM motion sensor can be adjusted.

Thanks for the reply. You saved me from buying the hub needlessly. And the RTCGQ13LM is not available on Amazon. A European eBay seller has it

Woof. I will make something similar to a toilet paper tube, paint it white, and cut a window in the side. Then this shield can be rotated as needed. The sensor is so small a toilet paper tube would be too big. Going to Home Depot to find thin wall plastic pipe the sensor will fit into.