Aqara Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Has anyone had any experience with this device? It looks neat, but it says it requires both a zigbee 3.0 and a wifi connection.

Oh that looks really nice. I've been looking at building something like that, but I can't touch that price point.

I have one of these that I tried using with zigbee2mqtt. In my experience it is the only Aqara device that was unstable on zigbee2mqtt - so it is now sitting unused. I never tried it pairing it to Hubitat.

Were you using a conbee?

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No - I've never tried a conbee. These are two that I've used:


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@aaiyar do you still keep your Aqara TVOC Air Monitor (manufacturer: LUMI, model: lumi.airmonitor.acn01) ?

No, I gave it away.


Anyone else with a C-8 hub (seems it requires a Zigbee 3.0 coordinator) ?
(test driver link)

I gave it to Goodwill with a large number of older HA items I didn’t need. Tax writeoff :roll_eyes:

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AqaraBlackMagic() worked on my C-7 dev hub! :grinning:


The Aqara TVOC Air Quality Monitor driver is now published here :


So no (Aqara) hub required? Sweet! Been looking at the Aqara TVOC for a while.

If you are not in a hurry, it my be a good idea to wait for a week or two until feedback is received from more users.

I was browsing the HA forum yesterday, and the comments from HA users are inconsistent…. Some are happy, some are not. What I agree is that a tVOC sensor should have a fan to blow the air towards the sensor, and this battery-powered device can not handle a fan, of course.

The other unknown is whether Aqara TVOC sensor will stay connected to HE when paired via compatible repeater or not.

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Thanks, I've been watching the posts here to track driver development and in other forums to get a better sense of the device itself. My initial impression of the TVOC is that the concept is better than the execution. Even users with the Aqara hub complain constantly of disconnects.

I'm definitely going to wait until more is known. Thanks for the updates.

I had one of these for about 2 years on z2m. Stayed connected after a firmware update sometime in 2021 that fixed this issue.

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And yet you gave it I imagine it wasn't that useful (or accurate)? Genuinely curious to hear your take on the TVOC.

Runs through batteries. And I got tired of changing them.

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