AQARA humidity sensor

Hello, can someone please tell me if this aqara sensor is compatible with hubitat C5
Im trying to find the most efficient and SMALLEST sensor I can squeeze into my very crowded cigar humidor

I have an Oasis Ultra 3.0 humidifier inside that connects to WIFI, but it does not appear possibly to hook that to hubitat. So Im looking for something small like the link I've pasted

The Aqara have a tendency to drop of mesh. I would recommend this one. Uses the built in driver, reliable, and a tad smaller than even the Aqara or Sonoff

Finger for scale


@rlithgow1 it's probably the same size as the original xiaomi round sensors. What's the battery life like so far?

@user1518, as @rlithgow1 said. Looks like these are much cheaper than the xiaomi/Aqara ones

Dunno only got them a few weeks ago but if they're like the rest of the tuya stuff they'll last a long time

This is perfect thank you. I’m going to assume it’s pretty accurate as well?

Seems to be compared to my other (NYCE, Honeywell, etc)

I have installed this in my cigar humidor. Was easy to setup, but it appears to be reading about 3% too high. Is there a way to offset the output value?

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