Aqara Gearbest Sale

I know its not specifically UK, but lots of decent prices on Aqara item sale at Gearbest.

Free shipping to the UK too.

Hey welcome to the forum.
Please beware, these are the original versions, that behave badly on most NON-Aqaqa zigbee hubs, including Hubitat & Smartthings. They will likely trash your zigbee mesh & its stability, use at your own risk
They're are multiple threads on this forum about this. Too much to go into here.
They are clearing out the older Aqara stock, to make way for the new Aqara zigbee 3.0 devices.


Got to agree.
You really get what you pay for with those devices and unless your prepared to keep on spending $$ and putting in Many Many more hours hair pulling, I’d stay well clear.

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Thats bad news.

Was under the impression with IKEA repeaters/control outlet and Community drivers like the one from Markus were working quite well?

Mine work well and I have Ikea repeaters. I only have a handful of them though. There are some updated Aqara zigbee 3.0 devices that have been released and Tuya have also gone down the route of providing Zigbee 3.0 devices too. Might be worth holding out.

Yes, for some folks. I tried for almost 2 years. Only buying compatible repeaters and being very careful. Our friend markus discovered some unique issues between HE & Aqara, that will someday be corrected, then I can redeploy my 25 Aqara devices.
For now , after removing all my aqara, my zigbee is 100% more stable. When the aqara cevices were connected my HE would change its Zigbee PAN ID several times per month, causing many devices to fall off.

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Ok good to know.

At £87 for this ill give it a punt.

Best of luck sir.
Careful with the repeaters, and for best results consult relevant threads. Watch for neighboring zigbee signals, depending on your neighbor's HA habits

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