Aqara G2 Camera

That camera seems to double as Zigbee 3.0 hub too. Does anyone know a way of connecting these to HE? I bought two of them to act as my surveilance cameras to work with HSM. Did I waste my money?

A zigbee network can only have one Coordinator, which in the case of HE is the HE hub. So, no, you can't connect another hub to the HE hub.

The camera may be Homekit capable so you may be able to connect it with a bit of round about work. You also may be able to display static images with a 1 second refresh on your local dashboards. You won't be able to display them in cloud dashboards.

Turns out that it is not Homekit compatible. So any other ideas?

Nothing here. It is one of the reasons to plan how you will be using something before purchase. Ask in the communities here to see if any has a way to integrate. I would do some Google searches to see how other people may have connected them locally and then how you can integrate with that.
Can it be connected to Blue Iris? If so, I believe there is a Community developed integration somewhere here.