Aqara Cube T1 Pro

Hi all,

I tried the T1 edition of the cube a year back and it wasn't reliable on the Hubitat as many Aqara devices were at the time. Since I had luck with the most recent P1 motion sensor I thought I'd try the new generation cube. It's been more reliable, it hasn't dropped from the Zigbee network in the last month since I've gotten it. However, it doesn't seem like the Xiaomi Mi Cube Controller driver really works with it, I see no events of note but the debug looks like this:

Parsing message: catchall: 0104 0006 01 FF 0040 00 118A 01 00 0000 00 00
Parsing message: catchall: 0104 0006 01 FF 0040 00 118A 01 00 0000 01 00
No action taken on 'catchall' message

What's the best way to reverse engineer this, is anyone working on a driver by any chance?



Watching ...

Watching as well. I just ordered one

Give me a Link please, to Ali Express or Amazon, where it could be bought.

It is available from all Aqara resellers

I need it from "global" place, to ship it to USA

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This is the link to Amazon, although it’s currently sold out :

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Thanks. I will try, to observe that amazon link, on ali-express T1 Pro is absent.

Do you know that device?

Yes, I have it.

Not recommended, requires polling every few seconds, and does not remember the energy. The driver must do maths to calculate the total energy.

Also, feedback is that measurement error is significant, 20% or something.

I should put a warning in the forum not to buy it.

Thank you. Consider giving warning. Or at least "description", that is talkative and have significant measurement error.

So, in theory that one

Could be interesting, because it's even two-way, so usable in solar / PV installations. It cost's aprox 3x of price of SY1/SY2, and it's measuring three phases. Could you look for opinion about it? Maybe I will order it to you :wink: and you will send me back, with SY1+SY2

Hold on for now, I will need to take some rest after I finish the Tongou SY2 driver … : )

Back on the OP topic about Aqara Cube T1 Pro - without a driver (or using improper driver) this device may send Zigbee Group #0 broadcasts to all the devices in the Zigbee mesh, switching everything on or off (even when the HE hub is not powered on!). This affects Tuya, Osram, IKEA and Aqara Zigbee plugs and bulbs for sure, probably other brands also.

So for now my advice is to not play with it on your main hub.

Wow that sounds catastrophic. I won't use anything Aqara on my HE mesh ever again. Same goes for Ikea. Life has been good without them

Yep, it sounds scary (and is not pleasant when it happens), but Aqara and Ikea are used with all known other home automation systems, so there should be a solution to avoid it from happening.

That certainly explains the odd behavior I experienced when adding a TI Cube to a dev C-7 hub. I couldn't figure out why both an Aqara & Iris smart outlet would suddenly switch off when I fiddled with the T1. Now I know. What a pain in the ■■■. I wish Aqara was more helpful & actually allowed their products to play well with others as I like the concept behind using various gestures as a controller.

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As per my knowledge, this has never been Aqara's intention. I have never seen any official statements from Aqara that their Zigbee products are intended to work with anything else but the Aqara series of Zigbee hubs.

I have seen just the opposite - screenshots of Aqara support e-mails stating that Aqara Zigbee devices are tested and granted to work only with Aqara Zigbee hubs.

Integrating all Aqara Zigbee devices in all other platforms different than Aqara is based on reverse engineering of the Zigbee commands sent and received between their hubs and their devices.

Asked ChatGPT:

List 50 Zigbee hubs available on the market


Here is a list of 50 Zigbee hubs that were available on the market as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021. Please note that availability and product offerings may have changed since then:

  1. Samsung SmartThings Hub
  2. Philips Hue Bridge
  3. Amazon Echo Plus (2nd generation)
  4. IKEA Tradfri Gateway
  5. Hubitat Elevation Hub
  6. Xiaomi Aqara Hub
  7. Wink Hub 2
  8. Google Nest Hub (formerly known as Google Home Hub)
  9. Homey Smart Home Hub
  10. Abode Gateway
  11. VeraSecure Hub
  12. Comcast Xfinity Home Hub
  13. Telstra Smart Home Hub
  14. Osram Lightify Gateway
  15. Control4 Zigbee Pro Controller
  16. Develco Products Gateway
  17. Legrand Home+ Control Hub
  18. Nortek Security & Control Hub
  19. Zipato ZipaTile
  20. Bosch Smart Home Controller
  21. Bitron Video Zigbee Gateway
  22. Livolo Zigbee Hub
  23. Centralite Pearl Thermostat
  24. Tuya Zigbee Gateway
  25. Z-Wave.Me Z-Way Controller
  26. Eria Zigbee Hub
  27. Innr Zigbee Bridge
  28. Jasco Zigbee Hub
  29. Smartenit Harmony G2 Hub
  30. HEIMAN Zigbee Gateway
  31. Orvibo Zigbee Hub
  32. Feibit Zigbee Gateway
  33. Olibra Bond Bridge
  34. Danalock Universal Module
  35. Enerwave Zigbee Gateway
  36. iHorn Zigbee Gateway
  37. Nue Zigbee Bridge
  38. Orvibo SmartMate Hub
  39. Salus Smart Home Hub
  40. Orvibo Zigbee Bridge
  41. Terncy Smart Hub
  42. EcoNet Controls Zigbee Hub
  43. Sunricher Zigbee Gateway
  44. Nortek HUSBZB-1 Zigbee/Z-Wave Hub
  45. Immax Zigbee Gateway
  46. SINOPÉ Zigbee Gateway
  47. Jasco Zigbee Controller
  48. Norka Tech Zigbee Gateway
  49. Trust Zigbee Control Station
  50. Shenzhen Heiman Zigbee Hub

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and there may be other Zigbee hubs available on the market that were not mentioned. Additionally, it's essential to verify the availability and specifications of these hubs as they may have changed or been discontinued since my knowledge cutoff.

Note that Hubitat is in the 5th position on the ChatGPT list! :+1:

What I want to say is that ensuring a Zigbee device works with all these many different Zigbee coordinators and training Aqara support employees to be able to answer questions like 'Your Aqara device does not work with my XXXXXX Zigbee hub' may not be worth the cost involved.


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