Aqara cube help

Guys, I have an Aqara cube on hubitat with this Xiaomi Mi Cube Controller drive but I don't know how to configure it, could someone help me?

Thanks friend, it worked with this drive you indicated.

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I just got an Aqara Cube and connected it to my Hubitat using the above driver. Everything is working perfectly with one exception. I'm not seeing any events when I knock on the cube. I have tried simply knocking on it with my knuckles and lifting the cube up and putting it down forcibly on a hard surface. Any ideas would be welcome.

Thanks in advance for the help

Hi jbasen. Did you ever figure out the knocking? I just got one and have the same as you.
The only actions I have are

90 flip
180 flip
rotate left
rotate right


Hi, I just got one. where do I get the driver from??

I can't remember off hand but just do a search in the forum and you'll find it.

Same boat here. I have the cube and I can get HE to recognize it. I have tried the Xiaomi driver and the Zigbee - aqara cube driver. Im not sure how to get it to control lights. I installed the cube companion and set it up but it still doesnt do anything.

I'm not familiar with the cube companion. I use the built in "Button Controllers" app. If you send a command from the device page, does it work?

You can try this old but still functioning driver.

For me it's a quick double knock seems to work.

Each action (e.g. Flip, shake, etc) will trigger a button. You can then run actions from those button presses.

Got it going in the end. I initially hit the device twice but then realised I needed to pick it up and knock it down twice.

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I have to wake it up but it does seem to be working now. I am opening up the log to learn the moves and the button number in order to use it with button manager.

Thank you for your help.

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Thank you. That was the driver that I had installed and it didnt seem to be doing anything. I guess I have to wake it up before it go goes.

Thank you for your help.

Thank you all for your help. I have it communicating and now its just a matter of setting up the button manager to do the rest.

Thanks again.