Aqara and worked on C7 Will not work on C8 Older devices

So the newer Aqara p1 motion is fine and doesn't drop, but all the older Aqara devices drop off and have a tough time connecting. I have three devices older Aqara, Motion, buttons wxkg11lm and Contact sensor,MCCGQ1LM, none of these will stay connected and will not pair correctly running on a C8 with firmware, Using drivers that worked on the C7 hub and had no issues. So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I have tried all the suggestions only to have them drop off within a few minutes and then will not reconnect. Any Idea Hubitat would be appreciated

Apparently there is a problem with certain Aqara/Tuya devices.
I myself experienced the same issue with my Aqara temperature/humidity sensors.

No fix as of yet, I actually replaced everything Aqara with Sonoff. No issues with those and C8

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