Apps Folders

My list of Apps has become quite long and Rule Machine's child Apps are numerous.

It would be nice to be able to create folders at the root of Apps to consolidate the view. e.g.:

  • Stable
  • Testing
  • Rule Machine
  • Device Apps
  • Service Apps
  • Native
  • User Apps

and under Rule Machine:

  • Testing
  • Garages
  • Temperature
  • Notify
  • Presence
  • Variable

It would also be very handy to have the ability to put all of my AWAY apps in a folder rather than testing the MODE in every app so it only runs when I'm away. I have many apps that only run when mode is set to AWAY. With my ISY994i (which I'm moving from) I can put all of my AWAY apps in a folder where everything in that folder only runs if AWAY is set.

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