Apps & Drivers

Sorry for the question but I am still learning how to use HE. Easier than HS in a lot of ways I might add.

My question is where do we find the apps and drivers that have been written for HE besides the ones built in? thanks

If you search for [Release] you'll probably find the most.
Supposedly there's a community repo but I thought there was a problem with it.
I agree a wiki like would be nice.

Wow that is a bunch. Is there anywhere that we can search for apps or drivers in the works? thanks

Well that's a SmartThings community wiki.
For now you have to check the community here searching for [Release] or check out @Cobra 's repo.

He's got a lot of useful code there.

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Have you tried searching for a device make/model
If someone has ported or released a driver they usually post it under the device name

Thanks, I will take a look. I need something for Tuya based bulbs and my GoControl Sprinkler Controller but I may be out of luck there.

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There's a participation problem. The repo is there, it's expandable,... it's not used by very many. Lots of reasons:

  • "Hubitat should, someday, have a better way." 90% pipe dream, IMHO. What they will release won't meet the dreams of the users. One Click Update, but even giant companies haven't figured that out.
  • "I have my own github, one's enough to maintain." Good point but what's so hard about a pointer to your own github in a central location.
  • "I'll participate when there's more people using it." Chicken and egg.
  • "My work is too small, unique. I'm just modifying others work, I don't really want to support it." 'nuf said

The big producers aren't participating so the little producers are't either.

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Apologies - still new to the github thing... How do I create a repo under the HubitatCommunity?

Do you have a github ID? Let me know your ID and I'll add you as a Member.

Me too on the tuya.

I'll see what I've got to contribute.
Maybe some Particle Photon and Monoprice With Config Parameter Button.

Just created a new one for the hubitat - It's "@erktrek" :grin:
Will shift my HE stuff to this when I can.

Thank you!


Two member invites sent :slight_smile:

Create a repo and add a README

At a minimum, use homebridge-hubitat-tonesto7 or CobraVmax as "templates," please. Both are just pointers to their own github repo.


Since I created this account for HE I don't mind using a repo created here as storage directly rather than linking back to mine. Is that okay or would you prefer a link back?

It's up to you and how you want to manage the code.

Hey gang.

I'll stick a repo in pointing to my own (modest) efforts, too, if you like. Github ID is 'Slapn'.

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Invite sent

Groovy. Thanks. Repository containing only a with links added.

-- Jules