App with different options for different hubs

Currently I own 3 HE hubs - two C7 and a C5 - and I would like to be able to config, for example, different message options for different hubs.

Why? One of the hubs - the C5 - controls everything in an apartment where I rent rooms and, sometimes, I need to follow complaints of environmental problems in it, like if the rooms have the heating working properly, if the exhaust fans activation in the bathrooms are properly tuned and so on, and, one of the most important things, if anyone has opened the maintenance and network/automation closet door.

When I need to start to monitor the environment conditions, currently I need to connect to the C5 hub and enable the WebCore pistons, that takes time. I know that I could control the monitoring by just creating a "master flag" that would enable/disable such messages, but, to enable/disable it I would need to connect to the hub, that's something that I can't do so easily.

So, I thought that if I could enable/disable messages from each hub directly at the app would be interesting.

Does anyone agree with it?

For things you could do now, what if you setup a virtual switch, and have that enable/disable your monitoring pistons. You could add that virtual switch to a dashboard and then save the cloud link to that dashboard on your phone. You could add toggles for various things on that same dashboard and have it all in one place.

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