App updates

How do apps get updated. If there is an app revision or update how would I know and secondly how would I install it.

App and driver updates are bundled in with the verson updates.
There isn't anything the user needs to do, the new versions will replace any installed versions.

For embedded drivers and apps, nothing.

For Community created drivers and apps: Nothing automated, yet. Hubitat says they have magic up their sleeve, but no reveal, so far. :slight_smile:

You can find a section of this community dedicated to shared code:

And usually you'll find the Top or First message is updated by the person doing the release. A significant number just point to their personal github in that message.

Installing would follow the specifics found for that app/driver and again, for the most part, the top or first message in a thread also contains installation instructions...

But since a lot of the installation instructions are more or less: "do the usual..." then the usual is:

Find the code, If it's on GitHub, the code page has a [RAW] button just above the code and on the right. Click that and copy all.
Then on your Hub, pick App Code or Driver Code. Both have a New button on the right, if NEW is what you are doing, and then you paste in the code. Save it. For Updates, click the existing driver or app and replace everything with what you copied. Save it.

The next step is using the code. For Updates, go through the devices or apps and click Done to make sure the Hub is using the latest. For New Apps, you'll go to the Apps menu on the right and then Load New app. From there it's all specific to the App.

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Got it


@mike.maxwell I think I'm a bit confused. On a previous post Bruce pointed out the ability of running two versions of RM:

Please excuse me if it seems like I'm starting a bit of a row here. With RM 2.5 and Button Controller 1.5, the user had to delete and recreate the rules for access to the upgraded functionality. Would it be more accurate to say the bundled simple rules would be automatically updated? Once again, not trying to be a PITA.

We try to do updates and add features and maintain backwards compatibility, when that's not possible we let every one know.

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This really isn't true. Existing rules obviously did not use any of the new functionality of those new versions and they would continue to function just as they did before. There was no need to delete them and redo them. New functionality comes along. So you must have wanted to changes those older rules from what they were before -- which by definition is a new rule. Not splitting hairs here, just observing that no one had to change anything that was already working for them. You can see in the list of apps those rules which had the old functionality, and those which had new functionality. Virtually all of my rules are of the former variety.

Once a new version comes out of this nature (Rule 2.5 and BC 1.5), you can no longer create new versions of the old functionality. But there is no reason you would want to, as the old functionality is a pure subset of the new functionality. The reason this version shift took place, in each case, was for improvements that would have been impossible to make without breaking existing automations.

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