App to make Hubitat emulate a Lutron Caseta Bridge (or other Lutron system)


I see that there is a built-in app to allow a Hubitat to control certain Lutron lighting systems.

Has anyone done an app to allow a Hubitat to emulate a Lutron lighting system?

I have a home automation system that has a good UI for lighting control via touch screens around my home.

Currently the lighting is done using UPB devices but it is becoming increasingly unreliable. It seems to be related to replacing incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs.

The home automation system supports many of the Lutron lighting systems (Caseta, RA2 Select, RadioRA, Homeworks (various).

I've considered going with one of those to replace the current UPB setup.

But then I got to thinking if a Hubitat could emulate a Lutron system I would have access to Lutron devices (via a Lutron bridge) and other devices (Zigbee, Zwave) via the Hubitat.


Thanks, Frederick

To emulate a Caseta Pro bridge, or any other Lutron bridge that supports telnet, a custom app would need permissions to bind TCP port 23 (the telnet port). Ports under 1024 are "privileged" ports; ergo no custom app can bind TCP port 23.

So it seems unlikely that anyone could write a Hubitat app that emulates a Lutron Caseta Pro bridge.

With that being said, it should be possible to write something that looks like the telnet interface on a Caseta Pro bridge, but runs on a Raspberry Pi (or any other platform that permits root access). The same program could translate incoming instructions for Lutron devices to the equivalent for Hubitat devices and send the command to a Hubitat hub using MakerAPI.

While I personally have neither the need nor the time to do so, writing such an emulated Lutron bridge that runs on an SBC is very much within the realm of achievable possibilities.

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Thanks much.

I failed to consider the problems associated with ports below 1024.

Solving that problem by using an external device (like a SBC) makes the rest fairly easy.

Now to dig into whatever Lutron integration protocol docs I can find.

Thanks again, Frederick

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