App that shows all lights & state inc how long it's ON, then a seperate colulmn linked to the App or Trigger

Is there an App or a way to show all your lights, their status including the ammount of time they've been ON and then what actually triggered their ON state, i.e. APP / Trigger / etc?

It would be great to see this on one page or two depending on the amount of lights you have and then a couple of columns that show the state, time triggered or amount of time they were ON and lastly, what triggered this light or bulb to be in its ON state?

I have a couple of lights that are in places I don't go too often but use Motion Apps or Rules, etc to turn them ON.

I have one light in the roof that is triggered by a motion sensor when I open the manhole and only by pure accident, have found they have been ON for quite a while but until I stumbled accross their state of being ON, I would not have known.

I'm hoping this makes sense...

There isn't anything I'm aware of that can do that, though someone could write a custom app to do most of it. What an app can't do is tell you what "triggered" the light to go on; apps don't have access to information about what other apps (ormperhapd the driver page itself was used) to send a command, nor do devices themselves--just not a platform feature. However, you can often figure this out by looking at the "In Use By" section on the device page and seeing if the configuration of any of those apps looos like it would have done what you saw. Many apps also have logging you can turn on to get a better idea of what they're doing.

For a built-in way to see lots of device statuses at once, I'd recommend creating a Hubitat Dashboard with your desired devices. You won't be able to see the time since the last "switch: on" event, but (if you don't disbable this Dashboard feature), the "three dots" menu will sjiw you recent events, including these. The device page itself in the admin UI can, too, but you don't have the ability to organize that like you could. Dashboard (and you can't see device states all on one page).

You could also create a rule or Notifications instance (I think...never tried that with a switch) to notify you if something has been on for longer than some amount of time, in case that would be helpful.

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Actually, you can set up a Dashboard tile for a device to display "Attribute" "Last Updated", which will show you the last time that device changed.

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"Changed," yes, but that includes any event--not just the switch turning on, so I didn't recommend it for that reason.

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If it's just a switch (not a dimmer), the only "Last Updated" events are going to be "switch on" and "switch off".

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i get this isnt what you want to hear ... altho within HA its easily done with auto-entities card
thought is it may help someone along the way for something within HE

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Thanks guys, that answers my question.

Had to ask as the old Building Automation side of me, from Honeywell, wants now, what I thought before, were just the basics all automation companies provided.

I couldn't be more wrong!

Looking back, I realise how much I took for granted!!

The wide range of options we had at our fingertips was ridiculous but in saying this, Honeywell's BMS Software, while extremely powerful, was a complex beast requiring high end hardware and software to match (MS SQL at the very minimum)

It's easy to forget how spoilt we were having so much flexibilty but as I said, this all comes at a price :grin:

Again, appreciate the feedback.

Must ask before I put this one to bed, is there a way to have flashing icons on the Dashboard?
Another Honeywell option that I took for granted :yum: