App stopped working and loading dashboards

App suddenly stopped working on both Android and iOS platforms, hitting a tile just sent that tile into a permanent Sending...

Rebooted the hub, rebooted the devices. Uninstalled and reinstalled the app on both platforms. On my iPhone, I log in as an existing hub owner and the Dashboard page just spins the loading icon.

On the Android devices, I try to log in as an existing owner and they display:

Please wait... Fetching users data...

And never goes anywhere

On the PC, going to My Hubs just shows:

Looking for hubs assigned to your account on this network, please wait...
If no hubs are found, this means you have no hubs assigned to this account or they are not available on this network.

and continuously spins

I am able to find the Hub and load dashboards with the Local Hub Discovery via the app, and Find Hubs on the PC locates the hub, but cannot login via the apps.

Now I got logged into the app on iOS, it brought up the list of mobile devices and I selected my iPhone. It then went to the dashboard tab and spun for a minute and gave me this message:

Failed to load dashboard from your hub.
The application was unable to retrieve dashboard data from your hub. You may need to visit your hub configuration available at in order to create your dashboard.

There are eight dashboards on my hub.

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