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My number of devices has grown to the point where finding things can take a while :-). I find using the devices search field useful, and especially like being able to return to the devices listing and have that search still there.

The apps list also has a search, but I'm not sure what it does. It appears to do something, but I'm not sure what :-).

I would love to see the apps search reduce the display to just those apps with the search string in the title?

The "Apps" search bar works a bit differently from the "Devices" one, in that it narrows the list down to both Apps whose name matches the search string as well as Apps containing rules that match. In the latter case, all the other contained rules will be listed, despite not matching the search string in any way (and even if you don't see them because some Apps may be un-expanded).

This is by design. That is, "it's a feature, not a bug." :slight_smile:

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This issue is not related to Rule Machine, and it's not specific to apps, either.

What you're seeing is that search pulls in results for the parent (and all child apps--or devices) when any child on that page matches. So, for apps Iike Rule Machine, where you may have a lot of child apps, you're more likely to notice this.

Regarding this issue, I've seen similar feature requests in the past, though I don't know for sure if any options or changes are on the radar (we do not normally get commitments for sure either way). As a workaround or further refinement, your browsers built-in search feature is likely capable of highlighting all specific matches, so combining the two might help if either alone isn't enough!

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I would imagine you may need to expand the app list for this to detect all occurrences, which can be done using the expand button in the top right of the screen (from memory).


Yes, this assumes all text is visible, which should also be the default behavior (and I suppose you can do the reverse as a trick to hide child apps you don't care to search on).

Yup, everything is expanded. Are you saying that Apps search works for you?

I circled the "IQ" in the search, and the two "IQ"s in the rule listing. As you can see, the search does not narrow down the Apps listing.

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I explained this behavior above:

Got it, thank you. Don't like it much, but got it :-).

Would you know of any situation where the current behavior would be useful?

2 cents incoming. This would never be evident to less savvy folks and likely confusing. I wonder what's the effort to add a search toggle akin to only searching directory names vs. searching directory names & file names within directories. Ideally highlighting where search terms are found.

Me personally, no, but every time changes like this are made, someone likes the old way better and wants an option, so ... probably. :slight_smile:

I have no insight into this, but my guess as to why it works the way it does now is that it was probably the easiest way to implement it in the UI framework, given that child apps are shown (only) under the parent app. So, hiding/showing only part of one may be difficult--even if perhaps not impossible.

We do know from comments they have made with other requests about the Apps page that they are aware of (and thinking about, though no timeline) different ways for users to be able to organize things here. So, perhaps we will see changes in the future.


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