App says "multiple hubs" and won't do anything

When I start the app it says "multiple hubs" in small text across the center and just sits there. There is no way to get past this point. I did have two successfully working hubs but I powered them both off, killed the app and restarted it. It still says the same thing.

I installed the hubs before I had to have an account to control hubs on the same LAN. That would be hugely preferable now but apparently you do not allow that any more.

Before I throw these in the garbage and buy a different brand, does anyone have a solution?

I understand the frustration. It is possible that the removed hubs are cached. Do you mind sharing more details about your mobile device make and model and operating system it uses?

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Not sure quite what you mean by that? Maybe you could describe that in more detail for us? Is that for the app, or using a browser?

If you just need to connect to your hubs, locally, you really don't need to install the Mobile app. You can simply bookmark the following page and add it to your home screen, then you can connect to the hub without an account:

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