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If anyone with the knowledge to build apps is looking for an idea, I think the following would be really useful.

A Hubitat mobile phone notification app that utilizes either Join or Tasker on Android to show a notification but then allow for some predefined buttons to exist on that notification that would send web calls back to the hub to do something.

For instance, you arrive home so a notification is sent to your phone and says "Welcome home!" and then it would have options below to say disarm the alarm, open the garage door, unlock the front door". Or perhaps you receive a notification that your home alarm is going off you have the option in the notification to disarm HSM.

If you used an Android Wear smart watch, you would also receive these notifications and actions on your watch!

I know there would still be a lot of configuring the user would have to do on their phone but it would be nice if there was a custom notification app on Hubitat that you could send notifications to, design the responses which would aid with creating the needed web calls to initiate the actions.

Not sure if all is this can be done on a custom built Hubitat app or not but it would be so useful and I could see it making its way into the stock Hubitat app in the future.

Looks like you want to expand on this...

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Seems like it, yes, mostly this aspect:

"If configured, can display actionable links in the notification (actions include but not limited to: run a Tasker task, open a url"

I'm mainly thinking an app that you send your notifications to, instead of the Hubitat app, then it asks you what you what you want the actions on the notification to be and assists with creating the web calls and actions to carry those options out on the notification. Would also help keep everything organized.

That would mean you would have to create an Android app to do that...since that is where you have to define them. That wouldn't be a Hubitat app to do that.

I do all that now

When anyone arrives at home > notification sent to phone

When Mode changes > notification sent to phone

When door is unlocked by a certain user > notification sent to phone

When weather alert happens (just got this 5 mins ago) notification sent to phone

When house is armed > notification sent to phone

If someone opens dog food tote (this way my wife and I both know dogs where feed > notification sent to phone

Water in basement > notification sent to phone

You can do whatever you want.

I use Pushover for all my notifications. I also have a smartwatch so all my notifications are at my wrist.

You don't do that with pushover.

I think he was saying the notification. Could have actionable buttons.

So “welcome home” Notification would have two actions

Set “tv scene”

Set “game night theme”

As far as I know nothing exists that is 100% like that but some apps are close.

You can do this with tasker and join but it's a little clunky. Takes a long time to set up. I was hoping someone would be interested in finding a way to build an app that would make it less clunky.

Notifications with context specific actions are next level!

Sure it does.

When I come home I get a notification that sends me an alert that u or someone is home, Hubitat will adjust thermostats (all 3 ) disarm the HSM, change mode. I use to also have it unlock my door.

But it would have to be an Android app, not a Hubitat one. How would a Hubitat app help you set it up on your phone?

I think that this can be done with the telegram driver.

The telgram driver can set up actionable notifications on your phone for you?

This is exactly what Vivint does. Could be a neat future addition to the HE app. No reason HE couldn't handle that with a feature addition to the app for user input options. The rest could be handled in RM.

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There's not even a notifications history available for the app. Now you want to be able to set up actionable notifications on the app? Great idea...but i won't hold my breath.

I don’t have it working but you should be able to embed html to hit a cloud endpoint

Yes, that is not the same thing as "Actionable Notifications". That refers to notifications that give you button options at the bottom of them to perform certain tasks. Like in the gmail notification you can delete the email. Etc. (And btw, this is all Andorid related. I have no idea what exists in the i universe.)

Getting a notification with links that creating actions seems actionable to me

That is not what "Actionable Notifications" means though. That's a "thing" in the Android world.

You see the "10 Minutes" and "Done"? Those are actions within the notification. This is an "Actionable Notification". I don't know that what you're proposing will even work but it is not an Actionable Notification.

Yes, exactly this. The "10 minutes" and "done" buttons could call any http call and initiate any action in Hubitat. can do that with the Join app.

What you can't do is have an app set that up for you automatically. And the only app that could do that for you would have to be an Android app because the configuration is within the join app....not in HE.

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