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Hey Guys, I'm trying to convert a SmartThings app to Hubitat.
In SmartThings I can enable OAuth in the App Level and use it to reach out my app and send data to it.
After enable OAuth in Hubitat I was able to access my App using the following:
curl -H "Authorization: Bearer xxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx"
It worked as expected.

But I'm not able to access my App passing the code in the URL as a parameter like:
I'm always receiving this:

It's very important to pass the access_token in the url because Alexa Dev Portal doesn't allow me to define a header to send it as Authorization Bearer and the token should not expire.

Image for reference:

I have two questions:
1 - Is it possible to access an App using the access_token as a URL parameter?
2- Converting the Expires_In value in the token it looks like it was issued for one year behind:
1577836799 - Tuesday, December 31, 2019 11:59:59 PM. Does it mean an access_token will be valid forever?

For reference:
I followed this link to enable OAuth in my App and generate the access token:
How to Install Custom Apps - Hubitat Documentation
Oauth Flow Cloud and Local - Developers - Hubitat

This is how I did in SmartThings:
Authorization — SmartThings Classic Developer Documentation

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Bearer tokens (provided in the header, as you did in your first example) and access_token (provided as a url param) are separate entities in HE. Within your app, you can call createAccessToken(), which creates a url token that can be specified in the url. This is stored in your App's state variables, in case your app code needs to reference it.


Tks alot for your time.

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