App Notification limit

I am constantly having to delete my notifications in the HE app because of the 24 notification limit. I also completely miss anything over 24 if I do not delete them. Does anyone if this can be changed. My other apps very on my phone from 999+ on email to a limit of 24 on the HE app.

Thanks in advance.

You could switch to pushover. Much more robust. You can try it out for 30 days. It's only 4 bux to buy though with no subscription. No having to clear out stuff. You can set max messages to keep, but it will just purge the last ones, not the ones coming in. Works flawlessly.


I second the use of pushover. Inexpensive with so many options.


I would pay monthly for pushover (if I had to, not volunteering) I like it so much. I use it for about 30 different systems/notification types.

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I have sendgrid and it works great. You get 100 free daily and I use it for HSM events. The down fall is that it send email to text but uses a different incoming text number for each notification. The good part is you cannot miss a text because they are each separate incoming numbers. The notifications I use as reminders like: every 5 minutes to alert me that one of the gates are open. So if I leave 2 gates open for an hour the my notification stop on the HE app. I do not believe that it is an android limit. My other app have limits of 99 or 999. I could even live with it just show the most current 24 but it just stops at 24 until you dismiss them then it will restart its way to 24 but all notifications between the time you dismiss them are lost in notification lost land. Pushover will also do what I use sendgrid for but the HE app should not need pushover to show you the notifications that do happen. Rant Rant Rant. Sorry.

Is this iOS phone? If so just pull down the top of home page to get to notification center, you should see all your notifications. Forget the HE app, it needs some work.

Fortunately it is an android. HE could show just the last 24 and I would be fine with that as well.