App label length problem

I have an app in rule machine 4.0 that I have paused. looks like the app name was too big that when it got paused the name got even longer, more than the 255 characters (supposedly) allowed. Now if I want to get inside the app to rename it I just get this message. Is there a way to rename it ?? (would like to avoid deleting it and redoing all my rule)

and further more I have used excel to count the number of characters and is not even 200 and supposed that they allow 255...

You can just restore the hub database from you nightly backups

I have made many more changes during today, I would loss all of them. Anyway to restore specific stuff only from database?

My guess is that adding the "Paused" text to the name of your rule, plus all the HTML characters needed to format in the way that it is displayed in the UI (orange, if I recall?) pushed the total characters over the limit. You can't see them, but my guess is that they still count. (If you discover this to be the case, staff may be interested in seeing what they can do to work around it.)

The fix would be pretty easy: create another rule whose only action is to un-pause this rule. Then just manually run that rule using the buttons on the rule editor UI (I think you might need to save it and go back in to see them). If that was the problem, you should again be able to open the original rule, and then you can delete the rule you created just for this purpose ... and maybe shorten the name to well below 200 while you're at it. :slight_smile:


awesome, easy fix and it worked. It unpaused my rule and now I have shorten the name. Thanks a lot

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