App hangs on 'Wait for event'

I've got several routines that turn on my garage lights under various circumstances. I wanted to have a single routine to turn the lights off if there's no motion. But it seems to hang.

app:882023-06-28 09:39:02.515 AMinfoAction: Wait for event: Garage motion motion inactive and stays that way for: 0:05:00

app:882023-06-28 09:39:02.449 AMinfoTriggered: Garage light switch physical on

app:882023-06-28 09:39:02.420 AMinfoEvent: Garage light switch switch on

If the motion is inactive at the time the rule triggers then you are right the rule will not turn off the garage lights. The event of the motion going inactive needs to occur.

Try wait for expression with motion inactive and a duration.

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Perfect. Thanks!