App Cloning

Hello @support_team,
I was wondering if during rule cloning, like the option to switch devices is given, same thing can be done for rules can be added as well ?
To explain further..
I have a RM which has 2 devices and an action that pauses a specific rule.
When I clone the rule, I get an option to switch the two devices from the devices in the rule to some other devices.. but do not get an option to change the rule as well ! (obviously the rule would have to exist before, to be able to clone, but so do the devices as well anyways )
currently I have to go into the cloned app and have to manually edit etc after it has been cloned..
it would be nice to be able to do that while the app is being cloned

I'm not clear what you're asking. If you want to change the triggers or actions, which it sounds like you do, either don't clone the rule (must be different and not a clone then?) or edit it afterwards (which it sounds like you're doing--and is really the only way given that this is a generic tool that has little insight into any particular app's internal functions--it can just read the settings, a data structure similar for all apps, and see where a device was selected).

EDIT: Ah, maybe for "Run Rule Actions," pause/resume, and other actions that reference a Rule?

I take @nrm94ee330 's request to be the option to swap the reference to a rule that is called inside the rule being cloned, i.e. Rule A calls Rule B, when cloning Rule A, the ability to swap Rule B for another rule.

Ultimately it is up to the HE staff as to whether they choose to implement something like this, but my gut feel would be it is unlikely. A couple of points may be worth understanding:

  • The cloning option is not just for RM rules, it is an option available for any App, including custom Apps developed by other users
  • The ability to swap devices, as @bertabcd1234 alluded to, relies on a common meta-data structure for all Apps, where devices referenced in the App are easily identifiable for any App. The ability to know what Apps use what devices is a key feature of the platform for many reasons, so is something that is consistent across all Apps.

My point is, the cloning process is a generic process applicable to all Apps, so it is unlikely to be modified to cater for a feature available in one App, RM in this case.

All that said, I get where you are coming from. It would be nice, but unfortunately you are likely going to need to find an alternative. An App, either a newly developed one or an existing one, to cover the process you are trying to capture in RM Rules, may be something worth exploring.

yes, that is correct