Apixu.com worldwide weather data with outside lux. No PWS or server setup

Nevermind, they are getting rid of the old interface.

I'm getting this error as well. Is there a fix for the unauthorized error? I'm not getting any data

The APIXU API has been deprecated. Many here have transitioned to


Since Dark Sky no longer issues API keys I took this driver as a starting point and rewrote it to work with the free API from weatherstack. They allow 1K API calls per month so you can poll every hour with no problems. You can find it here if you are interested - GitHub - craigde/hubitat-weatherstation: Hubitat driver for weatherstack API


So, I installed your version trying to get lux info, Im seeing data but none seem to be lux information, Did I miss something?

It is called luminance and it is updated by a calculation more frequently than it polls the weather API. Here is what it looks like right now on my device.

You can use that to trigger a rule when it passes a certain threshold

Yea, somethings wrong on my end. Not sure what. I confirmed I have your code for device driver. I selected

the Weatherstack device driver for my virtual device but my output does not match yours.

Interesting. Do you see anything in the events tab or the log that shows an error?

Hey @craigde and @logeo2004-register,

I don't mean to be rude but maybe you should start a new topic for this specific Weather API. It'll make it easier for me and others to follow.
Just thinking it'd keep things a little focused seeing as APIXU is going away. :slight_smile: .

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I see regular lastXUupdate space and hour apart. The data under State Variables is changing but does not include everything you showed under current status. CS only shows last update time

You may want to try this driver:

It has a Lux calculation and OWM allows up to 60 calls/minute and 1,000 calls per day on their free tier.

Well , Im seriously confused. I by no means am a novice at this stuff. I seem to be missing something, so someone clue me in. I installed your driver and created an api key, I see no data in Current status, I have access to all the options in the device driver. I do see weather status info in the device details but I still dont see illumination/lux. non the less I went and created a Virtual tile and tried both weather and illumination. Neither produce any details. So what am I doing wrong?

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Please ask questions about the OWM driver in the OWM thread (link in the post above).


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Well for what ever reason this started finally working after making several different virtual test tiles, only one started reporting data under current status. So I ran with it.

so I've done the below, but I am getting no current states?

I have tried every three different weather device and app codes. Nothing is working! I have a key but the apps do not connect.

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HEY! Better then the nothing I get. It is a complete disaster any of the weather Apps. I do not know why. How did you get it working?

This thread, and active support for the driver, pretty much died out when apixu became weatherstack and severely limited the utility of their free api key.

Have you tried @Matthew’s openweathermap driver? See link a few posts up.

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