APIXU API going away?!?

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Just received the following email just curious what this means for our community.

**[Action Required] Your Apixu Account**

Dear Apixu User,

**Great News: Apixu is now weatherstack**

After months of preparation, Apixu is now officially relaunching as weatherstack - a new, faster, more capable and completely rebuilt weather API service.

In addition to improved data reliability, consistency and completeness in general, there is a series of new API functionalities that will enhance your user experience and simplify implementation, including 11 years of historical data, translations for 40 languages, bulk queries, hour-by-hour data, astronomy data, location autocomplete, and much more.

**Important: API Shutdown on October 14th, 2019**

Please note that the Apixu API is now deprecated and scheduled for shutdown on October 14th, 2019. To prevent service disruption in your application, please make sure to switch to the new weatherstack API endpoint as soon as possible.

To do so, please create your weatherstack account using the button below and grab your free API access key — it takes just a few minutes!

[ **Switch to the new API** ](https://apilayer.us11.list-manage.com/track/click?u=0d3f9aac784bdba4258e81576&id=3122043c08&e=7bbc2c8c24)

**Are you a paid Apixu customer?**
If you have been using a premium subscription with Apixu, we have a special offer for you. If you have not been contacted yet, please reply to this email and let us know your Apixu email address and API requirements.

**Need assistance?**
If you have any questions or need assistance switching from Apixu to weatherstack, please feel free to let us know by replying to this email.

Thank you for being a customer!

Best regards,
Your friends at Apixu / weatherstack

Just seen this as well.

My concern is the plans for the API have changed. I don't know if you can get all of the data on the free plan anymore. :frowning:

I see apixu got acquired, and they are changing the api and api plans

Looks like free edition changes from 10000 requests/month to 1000 per month...

May be a big change to usage...


That means we can only update about once a hour (every 45 minutes) and stay on the free plan. How often does it update now?

Every 5 minutes.

I've never been happier I chose to buy a weatherflow station instead of going this route.

It was a rough decision initially, as I really like how apixu is integrated to HE.

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Not looking good....sent the following email:

Good morning,

Congrats on your acquisition of APIXU. There is a large home automation group users from different systems; Hubitat, OpenHAB, SmartThings, Hass.IO, using the original APIXU for weather based automations. The previous API had a 10,000/mo free plan. The new weatherstack free plan has drastically reduced to 1000/mo and there are no affordable options for the hobbyist to use your service that would be financially viable. $19.99/mo is too expensive to gather weather information to calculate illuminance, and weather forecasting. In the interest of using great technologies is there anything your organization can do to assist the home automation community in being able to use your services similar with the same features and capabilities as the APIXU free service?

Received this :frowning: :

Hi Aaron,

Thank you for reaching out.

1000 requests per month still allow you to make a request per hour every day.

For the time being, we allow existing Apixu users to register for the old Silver plan (50l for $4.95)
Please let me know if you are interested, I can upgrade you to that plan.

Best regards,

Customer Service

Sad news.

Looks like the 1,000 call per month is only 'current' weather data (no forecast). Forecast weather data is only available through a paid-for plan.

Suggest you look at Darksky.net

Nice. I'm looking at this, it'll work. Though it's still only 1000 calls per day free, sadly.

Oh for crying out loud. I just got my APIXU account and adjusted the APIXU weather driver to work with my dashboard last week. All I wanted was current weather and 2 days forecast. Couldn't find it anywhere else so I broke out my developer hat and made my own tile.

I honestly don't mind hourly updates as I'm only using it for weather and forecast (not illuminance) but a change in the feed is going to be a real PITA. That's assuming we can get forecast data on the free plan. Because the first mention of any forecast data on the Weatherstack site starts at the $80/mo plan.

They are allowing existing "free" APIXU users to go to the existing silver model for $4.95/mo.

I can confirm the free plan doesn't get multi-day forecast data. I just signed up and asked for forecast from the api. I got current conditions and today's forecast. It still appears that to get more than today's forecast you'd have to take the $80/mo plan. The $4.95/mo (reduced from $20) does not appear to provide multi-day forecast data.

On the plus side, they do provide images for the current condition. So you'd have that provided by the service instead of hoping it stays on Github or having to host your own.

Honestly, $5/mo isn't terrible. I'd do that if I could get a couple days forecast in the deal and be assured it isn't just an "introductory deal" that is going to expire in a few months.

That's pretty cool. Are you using the UDP interface to grab data locally?


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