APIux stop working for anyone else?

Last Thursday at about 7:30p was the last time APIUx received and update. API key didn't change, nor did anything else. I deleted it, added it back, got a different API key, everything I can think to get it pulling fresh data again with no luck.

Anyone else run into this problem? Anyone have any ideas what to try? (I am using it for illuminance data only...)

the apixu driver is no longer valid for the new service and requires a new api key.

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Thank you. I did get a new API key (from weatherstack) and plugged it into the APIux device I created on Hubitat with no luck. Am I right in assuming my old APIux device I had created in Hubitat will no longer work -- new API key or not?

Just looking for illuminance and guess the Hue Outdoor Sensor may be valid alternative.

Thanks for any guidance you can give.

Correct the apixu driver will not wotk w weatherstack. I've switched to Darksky. My primary use is for luminence

Thank you so much. I added the driver code for Darksky, got an API key, and all works fine.

One Q I don't see in the documentation. In Hubitat, next to where I supply my API key, it simply has a field called "City Name". I put in both my City, State then switched it to just my zipcode and am getting data returned by the API. However, I see nothing in the data string to confirm it is indeed data for my location. Is there a way to confirm the city / location for the DarkSky data being returned?

Some Notes:
Latitude and Longitude are pulled from the Hub. Make sure your Latitude and Longitude are set properly in your Hub settings. These are used both for the Sunrise/Sunset times and the DarkSky forecast location.

Thank you. Yes, lat/long is set correctly in the hub. The data from Darksky looked pretty close what I was seeing from an aviation app I use, but just wanted to sure and not assume. Thanks for the confirmation.

If you just need Lux, then perhaps:


is good enough. It has a DarkSky option too.

This. 100% this. The single biggest reason I bought the Hue outdoor sensor was reliable and utterly local Luminance reporting. It's the luminance at my home in the forest, not 10 miles down the road at a "local" weatherstation or airport!


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