Aotec Smart Switch 2nd Edition

I have some older Aotec Smart Switches. The box says "2nd Edition". I just purchased and installed a Hubitat C8 on the theory that I would be able to control these smart switches. But when I try to pair them with the Habitat, it does not show that version of the Aotec Smart Switch in the list of devices. Are these devices compatible with Hubitat?

P.S. Auto-correct keeps wanting to correct "Hubitat" to "Habitat". I apologize in advance if I don't notice and accidentally post with an uncorrected "Habitat".

Is this a fairly old device? That's the only reference I can find with some searching (a "classic" Z-Wave device from about 2015).

If so, that should work with Hubitat, as would almost any Z-Wave device, even with just the Generic Z-Wave Outlet deover. With these you'll sometimes be without a built-in option to change any special parameters that device may have (actually doesn't look like any?), and it might require a custom driver for full access to some of the power monitoring reports the manual says it offers if the generic driver doesn't. But it should at least include and function on at least some of level.

Sounds like you're using the brand/model buttons to get the "wizard" interface for adding a device. You can do this, but it doesn't do anything different from just using the Z-Wave, Zigbee, etc. buttons except show you instructions if Hubitat has them for that device. So, if you already know it's Z-Wave (and if you don't, now you do!), you can just hit that button and put it in inclusion mode.

And if that doesn't work (or you want to try it just to be sure it's ready to include), I'd try an exclusion first--guessing that device wasn't new in box, though even then, sometimes that can be necessary. :slight_smile:

Yes, it is an old device. Aeotec is up to version 7, I think, compared with mine, which are version 2. I used these switches with a Piper web camera as the controller since about 2014, but the Piper servers will be shut down soon, so I am switching to use Hubitat instead.

I followed your advice to use the generic button, and I was able to add one of these devices that had not yet been paired with a controller. I wasn't able to add a device that had been paired with the Piper camera though, so I also tried your advice to use exclusion. That worked, so it appears that exclusion is necessary for devices that had been paired with a Piper camera.

I see that Hubitat is far more capable than the Piper camera was with respect to Z-Wave control (and more complex). I think I have a lot to learn to make effective use of the Hubitat device.

Thank you for your help.

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