Anyway To Move DHCP reservations from old netgear router to new netgear router

Ok so I have A netgear Orbi System and it's about to take a dump at netgear tell me the router is about to take a dump I had an extended warranty on it and square trade paid me for it purchased a Netgear Nighthawk mesh system but i was wondering if there was any way to transfer my old static ip device reservations from the old router to the new router, didn't want to have to try and do the transfer 1 device at a time to try to get the same static ip's for my hubs and nas. any help would be greatly appriciated.

Doubt the back up config would work as your transfering from one type to another. So your best bet is to log on to the HTTP page of the router (usually your IP 192.168.x.1) and go to address reservation then copy and paste all the MAC address and IP they were at to a spreadsheet (this helps to be kept for future anyway). Then once you setup your new one do the same and copy and paste them into its options. Then shut it down and power back up and everything will sit back in to there old slots.


I believe Borris is correct. To make it easier, get Network Analyzer by Jiri Technet. Once your cellphone is connected to your wifi, it can scan your whole network and export all the MAC & IP addresses. You can email the list to yourself and make the copy paste easier.


Copy and paste into a spreadsheet is the easiest way from the configuration page. I have done multiple router updates and none have made it easy until I switched to a more open router platform. But still then I had to use cut/paste initially.


Thanks for all help and reply’s I figured they was going to make it hard on me I guess I’ll have to take your suggestions as it seems that will be the easiest way of doing it thank again.

@BorrisTheCat Thank you for the suggestion. My new router is in the mail and this is going to make setup much easier. I had screenshots but this is way better.