Anyway to do ask Alexa for Sensor Status?

I have a zigbee sensor outside and it's radiation shielded and very accurate. What I would like to be able to to is something like "Alexa what is my outside temperature?" Of course I have often also wondered if there's a way to ask her about switch status, but one thing at a time. Is there a clever way to accomplish this that someone has figured out?


I know with Google Home if you kludge a temperature sensor to be a thermostat it can see that. Not sure if it applies to Alexa

If Alexa recognizes the device as a temperature sensor then normally you’d have to ask something along the lines of

Alexa, what is the deviceName temperature

You could of course also create a Custom routine that takes the phrase Alexa what is my outside temperature? and translates it into the phrase above.


Boy I feed dumb. I never made that sensor available to Alexa. Renamed it "Back Yard" and now I can say "Alexa, what's the back yard temperature" and she tells me. Very nice. Thanks!

BTW It was called "Outside Temperature." She seems to default to giving you the local weather when you say, "Alexa what's the outside temperature" hence the workaround.


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