Anyone's bulbs turning on at 1% for no reason?

just wondering if anyone else had this weird bug..just going to delete my rules for the offending bulbs an redo them an it will probably fix it.

this happened the night after the last update. also I'm using a door sensor as a switch to turn them on with no set level so they should be turning on from memory/rule. all of the bulbs and the door sensor are sengled and worked normally up to that point.


If your issue isn't resolved and you need more assistance figuring out what's wrong, please share some more details. Which app are you using to create the automations? What do the hub logs show when your bulbs turn on for no reason?


Other people have c/o this with Sengled bulbs. You could try switching to the "generic zigbee" driver that corresponds to your bulb type and see if that fixes your issue.

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yep just checked and its normal now. something was just wrong with the app or rule. shrug I'm using the "motion lighting apps". also sorry I guess I didn't structure my sentence very well same as usual. :stuck_out_tongue: it turns on and off normally it just kept remembering the light level at 1%. mainly posted in case others were boating in the same waters yaknow. :passenger_ship:

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