Anyone want to sell their old SmartThings Wifi Hub?

Anyone wanting to offload their old SmartThings Wifi hub? I'd like to repurpose my existing hub and add another for mesh wifi.

Plenty new ones around at insane prices, hoping to grab a second hand one for a reasonable price.

I'm in Melbourne.

Did you know that Aeotec is marketing a probably identical clone?

May not be available in Oz...

Doesn't do wifi mesh, routing, or even have an ethernet port. Anyway, Aeotec is on my avoid list due to past experiences.

(BTW, anyone else not getting reply notifications for their own topics when watching is on?)

If you are still interested, I have an Smartthings hub, Aussie version, it has Wifi, Ethernet, etc. it's a bit over a year old, used for about six months.
I'm in Sydney.
Make me an offer

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I just sent you a private message. Cheers.

Aeotec already manufactured the SmartThings hubs to Samsung, it's exactly the same hardware. Aeotec just started using its own brand.

Samjin was the OEM manufacturing the Samsung v3 hub, if I recall correctly. Samjin also made the SmartThings Leak, Motion, and Contact sensors, as well as the ST Button. I believe (somebody please correct me if I am wrong about who was the OEM for these last gen ST devices. :wink: )

Samsung and Aeotec came to an agreement once Samsung decided to get out of the hardware side of the business, so they could focus exclusively on the software side. From everything I have seen, Aeotec just changed the silkscreened logo on the devices and documentation. My guess is that Samjin is still the OEM, but that really is just a guess. Aeotec's focus has always been on Z-wave devices, not Zigbee. Thus, my hypothesis that Samjin is still the OEM for the hardware.


No corrections needed. I have also been assuming that Samsung worked out a deal between Aeotec and Samjin.


@ogiewon, thanks for the correction, you're right!


Yes it looks to be the same as the "Smarthings Hub 3". I'm after the "Smartthings Wifi" hub, which can do wifi mesh/routing.

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If you're still looking, I have a smartthings wifi in Brisbane that I could post you for $50.

I have a set of 3 US version if you are still looking.

Hey Luke, I am in Brisbane, do you still have it?

Hey Shawn, do you still have them? Where are you based?

I have just spent like $700 on aeotec stuffโ€ฆ so this isnโ€™t comforting to read lol

I also have one, new, sealed and unopened in the box if any one wants it?
Smartthings Wifi - $50
Based in Perth.

I would check eBay and make sure it is the Australia version. Aotech took over for Samsung so if you see one of those you can buy as if it is a Samsung.

I have aeotec motion sensors and hubitat reports โ€œ * manufacturer: Samjinโ€ so you are indeed correct.

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