Anyone using Sonoff S31 Lite Zigbee Smart Plugs?

@markus Thanks for the quick reply. I was updating to when got your reply.
After that it succeeded the first time and was detected as Nue Zigbee Switch.
What's the difference of Nue Zigbee Switch and a generic switch?

Great you got it running, crazy that it is working better on What version were you at before that? If it was an earlier version of 2.2.0 that would make more sense than if the upgrade was from 2.1.9. After upgrade, did you shutdown the hub?

These devices should run with the Generic Zigbee Switch driver, the Nue driver really is only meant for the Nue devices. These devices are, incorrectly, detected as Nue devices since they have a very similar fingerprint. You should switch to the Generic Zigbee Switch driver.

It was on and I was changing router today and moved the hub, so for sure I had shutdown and unplugged the hub at least once. All other devices were working before trying to pairing the Sonoff plug.
After updated to, I didn't shutdown the hub.

Then that it works after update makes sense, there was a change in how pairing works.

Noted, good to know :slight_smile:

Then this issue is just more illusive, not pinned down at all, something else is it at play. At least you got it working!

Hoping to revive this thread on the S31 if that's ok.

I have an Sonoff S31 Lite that my hub just won't seem to see. Have it about 5 feet from the hub. Have reset the device a number of times.

Hub details:
Hubitat Elevation® Platform Version
Hardware Version Rev C-5

I'm a newb for sure, but think I have followed the standard device zigbee pairing steps.

Plug it in (if not in pairing mode hit button for 5 seconds to factory reset and start pairing mode)
From device discovery start zigbee pairing
watch, expectantly
keep watching
be confused
search for help

I must be missing something. Any thoughts?

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You already install driver for Sonoff S31 already right ?
Here is the driver : Sonoff S31

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@chayanond4567, thanks for the question. Yes I am, BUT, embarrassed to say the wrong version of the S31 (wifi not zigbee). Have ordered the correct one and expect a much better result. :wink:

I know this is an older thread, but curious why we'd need this driver vs the stock loading one when the device is working.

Maybe that driver was developed before HE officially supported it.

I just got some of the S31 Lite and I can't get Power Monitoring to work - it says "power: 0" all the time with the generic zigbee switch and outlet drivers

Check the specs. No power monitoring on the Lite.